Fumina Konoe (近衛史菜 Konoe Fumina?) is a transferee to Misaki Municipal High School and was the newest addition to the class where Shana and Yūji Sakai belong to. She often shows a liking for Yūji.

Shana notes that Fumina shares the same physical traits as Hecate and thus, is suspected at first to be Hecate herself. To confirm whether she is Hecate or not, Shana opens a Fūzetsu and found that she could not move in it, like other humans. Later, she is found out to be a fragment of Hecate to be used in an evil plot to keep an eye on the Reiji Maigo for later use, seal The Silver to prevent it from escaping by using the Treasure Tool Trigon, and to collect her memories of interacting with Yūji and the others.


Fumina full body

Fumina in her school uniform

Fumina shares almost all of the physical characteristics of Hecate. One difference that can be noted between them is that Fumina has green hair and eyes as opposed to Hecate having blue hair and eyes. Fumina also seems to be visibly taller than Shana and is actually 142 cm tall,[1] the same as Hecate and one centimeter taller than Shana.


Fumina is quiet, and somewhat clueless as to what is happening around her, probably because of her limited exposure to the outside world. She is extremely awkward, not being able to take her books out of her bag or change her clothes without assistance from others.[2] Her house is attended by a butler, which has made Fumina want others to do things for her. She is extremely clingy to Yūji, following him everywhere and holding onto his shirt. She also seems to like birds and butterflies, often leaving Yūji and friends to follow them.


Satoru Ōmine once stated that Fumina had been living abroad and had just come back to Japan,[2] which might be a reason for her awkwardness. This is doubtful though, due to Fumina's nature as a Faux Vessel created by Hecate.


"Village of Jestful Slumber" ArcEdit

The morning after Shana and Yūji defeat Mare, Satoru Oomine, the homeroom teacher of Class 1-2, introduces Fumina as a new transfer student, leaving Shana and Yūji wondering if they are still in Mare's dream.[3]

Fumina Konoe ArcEdit

Fumina caring

Fumina caring for Kazumi

Upon seeing Fumina at the front of the class, Shana comes to the conclusion that she is Hecate and activates a Fūzetsu. Due to Fumina being unable to move inside the Unrestricted Spell and not having the same 'presence' as Hecate, she is deemed a human by Yūji and Shana, with the latter undoing the Fūzetsu. When she is told where to sit, she decides to sit next to Yūji, forcing the girl sitting next to him to move elsewhere. Matake drags Fumina out of the class to go to gym, but not before she looks back at Yūji. In the locker room Matake helps her change. When Kazumi gets hurt during volleyball, she seems very caring, to the point of shedding tears. Kazumi later asks Fumina why she wanted to sit with Yūji, but she doesn't even know who Yūji is. At lunchtime, Matake begins to drag Fumina to the canteen, but she grabs onto Yūji's shirt. She wants Yūji to come, but he replies that he has a bento. She lets go and leaves with Matake. She leaves Matake to go outside to be with birds. Margery is above her and uses an Unrestricted Spell, but she doesn't notice. After school, Fumina follows a bird into the courtyard of a shrine, where Shana approaches and activates a Fūzetsu. This is to attract Kasha, who is defeated by Shana. The dying Kasha was about to obtain Power of Existence from Fumina when Shana kills him. During the explosion, Fumina's body bleeds, proving that she is human.[2]

Fumina with Yuji

Fumina staring at Yūji

Yūji and Shana pick Fumina up and take her to school, with Fumina holding onto Yūji's shirt. Later, when the class was cleaning the school pool, Fumina chases a butterfly and almost falls in, but Yūji and Kazumi save her. At lunchtime, Fumina is eating onigiri, but upon seeing Yūji's lunch (which was made by Kazumi and Shana), Yūji lets her eat some. After school, she walks home with Yūji, Kazumi and Shana, but disappears from the group. They find her further up the road. After getting scolded by Shana, she apologises. She then takes the group to a park, where a bird is stuck in a tree. She is able to call the bird to her hand. She goes with the group to Dekamori Tengoku (デカ盛り天国?, Supersize Heaven), a ramen store. She is seen eating an ice cream but again disappears. She is again at the park, saving an injured bird. Yūji arrives and they stare at each other. The next day, she is again with Yūji.[4]

Interval Stories (II) ArcEdit

Fumina Yuji's shirt

Fumina grabbing Yūji's shirt

Fumina is running late for school. When she is ready, she greets Yūji, who was allowed into her house by her butler. When they walk to school, they see Shana, who runs away. Yūji starts to follow, but Fumina grabs his shirt. At lunch, she again has some of Yūji's food. She walks home with Yūji and Matake.[5]

Fumina and Matake wait for Yūji before going to school. She follows Yūji to the roof of the school where he was talking to Shana and Kazumi. Fumina goes with the group to Keisaku's house to study for the upcoming test, where she mainly studies with Yūji. When Matake and Kazumi take a long time with the drying up, Fumina wants to check on them, and goes with Shana. They try to wash up the abandoned dishes, but neither knows how. They bust the dishwasher and Fumina laughs.[6]

Fumina at Fancy Park

Fumina at Fancy Park

Fumina goes with the group to an amusement park called Ōto Fancy Park. She wants to ride a go-kart racing attraction for children, which Ike makes the group ride. She then wants to go into the Kid's Park, an area with moving animals. Fumina also wants to ride the roller coaster. Due to the line being too long, Ike waits in the line and Fumina leaves with Kazumi and Yūji. She is seen riding another animal while the roller coaster line is closed with Ike in it. The line was later open and Fumina rides the roller coaster. When the group met up for lunch, Matake tells her of Shana's swordplay during a game. Later, in the Giant Maze, Fumina is paired with Yūji. When Ike was depressed, she thanks him for taking her to Fancy Park.[7]

Omens of a Storm ArcEdit

Fumina and the butler

Fumina with the butler

Fumina's butler tells Matake that she is sick and will turn up to class later. In a room of her house, she is quietly sitting on a chair, when the butler walks in. Both have a silver, sparkling bracelet on. The butler later drives Fumina to school in a limousine. They enter the class, where the class is preparing for the Seishū Festival. After the butler leaves, Fumina gets informed on the festival by Ike, and is told to participate in the parade. After she confirms she wants to do it, she enters a draw to play Juliet from Romeo and Juliet against Shana and Kazumi, but loses and receives the role of the Wizard from The Wizard of Oz.[8]

Fumina is seen helping Matake make a costume for the festival. In the afternoon, she goes home with the butler, while the rest of the group sleeps at the school. When Kimiko asks her to stay, the butler insists that Fumina is not in good health yet. They then leave. The next day, Fumina helps in completing Kazumi's Juliet dress. When Kazumi doesn't want to put on the dress, Fumina recites some of Romeo's lines. She then gets embarrassed, but receives praise from the girls in the class.[9]

"Colorful Wave" ArcEdit

Fumina wizard

Fumina as the wizard

On the day of the festival, Fumina is with the class, and dressed as the wizard. She participates in the parade around Misaki City. After the parade, Fumina is helping the class work at the crepe stand, but eats some of the food. At another food stand, Fumina is cooking whatever she wants, to the dismay of Kimiko. She is standing outside the school eating when she feels the wind when she sees Toshiko Kuroda and her friend touch hands.[10]

The night of the festival, Fumina is alone with the butler, where she says something to him.[11]

At the end of the second day of the festival, Fumina and her butler are frozen by Pheles' yellow Fūzetsu. They are both wearing silver bracelets, which are glowing.[12]

Fumina stabs yuji

Fumina stabbing Yūji with Trigon

Within the school, Fumina and the butler are walking around, while the bracelets continue to glow. They appear on the roof where the group is watching Margery extract The Silver, much to their surprise. Elsewhere, Bel Peol breaks a link of her Treasure Tool, Tartaros, which simultaneously breaks Fumina and her butler's bracelets, the latter exploding. Fumina floats upwards towards Yūji, materializes Hecate's Treasure Tool, Trigon, and uses it to break Margery's Unrestricted Spell around Yūji. When Shana approaches, she uses Hecate's Unrestricted Spell, Aster, to stop her. Shana evades it, which causes massive destruction to the buildings around them. She tells The Silver to withdraw and taps him, turning him into Power of Existence, which goes into Yūji. Fumina stabs him with Trigon. She then puts a seal on the Reiji Maigo. Fumina looks up at Hecate, who arrives after a bright light. Hecate calls her a Faux Vessel and spreads her arms, telling her to open herself up to her. Fumina dematerializes Trigon and spreads her arms. All of her memories of interacting with Yūji and the others leave her for Hecate. They touch hands, causing Fumina to start fading away. She looks back at Yūji before disappearing.[13]

Other AppearancesEdit

Anime AppearancesEdit

Shakugan no Shana-tanEdit

In the seventh episode, there is a parody of Shakugan no Shana Second Episode 02, where Fumina appears in front of the classroom. This time, she introduces herself. It takes Shana-tan longer to realise that Fumina looks like Hecate, with Yūji saying that they must be twins.[14]

Fumina tongue out

Fumina pokes her tongue out at Kazumi and Shana-tan

In the eighth episode, there is a parody of Shakugan no Shana Second Episode 05, where Fumina walks home from school with Yūji and Matake. This time, she explains that she is an 'airhead', which Yūji says turns him on. This was seen by Kazumi and Shana-tan, who were watching from the class window. Fumina sees them, and sticks her tongue out at them. In a parody of Shakugan no Shana Second Episode 15, Fumina is told by Hecate to open her vessel to her. They then exchange "Aah"s with each "Aah" being higher in pitch than the last. Fumina then sends her memories to Hecate, but they are all of food, butterflies, and birds.[14]

Fumina as a delinquent

Fumina's memories of being a delinquent

In the ninth episode, Fumina sending her memories to Hecate during the previous episode becomes a topic of a Naze Nani Shana-tan class. In the class, Bel Peol reveals more of Fumina's memories. In her memories, Fumina is a blonde-haired delinquent. When her school sports teacher, Sydonay, tries to get her under control, Fumina makes him cry. As her memories go on, Fumina later approaches the rugby union club at school with her normal hair-color. In the end, she joins the club, with Sydonay as the coach, and the two aim for nationwide domination. Bel Peol then states that it was 'something like that'.[15]

Audio Drama AppearancesEdit

Fumina's character song is Kaze no Yukue.

Mamiko Noto Character Song Collection (2009)Edit

Fumina appeared along with various characters voiced by Noto in this album. Fumina appeared on the 15th track where she 'met' Matsuri Shiho of the Sola series and in the 17th track she 'met' Kinu Watase of the Tetsudo Musume series. Her character song "Kaze no Yukue" also appeared as the album's 16th track.[16]


Yūji SakaiEdit

Fumina shows a liking to Yūji almost as soon as she sees him. She often holds onto his shirt. As Hecate was in the process of absorbing Fumina, she looks back at Yūji, showing that she did care about him.[13]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Reabsorption: Fumina is able to open herself up to allow reabsorption into Hecate. She can also give Hecate her memories.[13]

Unrestricted SpellsEdit

Fumina Aster

Fumina using Aster

Aster (星(アステル) Hoshi (Asuteru)?, Japanese and Greek for "Star"): Fumina is able to use Hecate's Unrestricted Spell, Aster. She releases a rain of Power of Existence on her enemies, forming a large swarm of energy blasts whose blinding speed and ability to track down and destroy enemies make it a difficult technique to avoid. On impact, it gives off an explosion. The time of the explosion can be controlled at will by the caster. It is triggered at the sound of the Treasure Tool, Trigon. Fumina only demonstrates this once against Shana, while she is in the possession Trigon, so it is unknown whether she can use Aster without it, like Hecate can.[13]

Hishō (飛翔?, Flight): Fumina is capable of flight, which she demonstrates when she floats up to Yūji. This seems to use her Power of Existence which can be seen by the blue glow around her after her bracelet breaks.[13]

Treasure ToolsEdit

Tartaros (タルタロス Tarutarosu?): Fumina wears part of Bel Peol's Treasure Tool as a bracelet. It is able to separate Fumina from the cause and effect of the Crimson Realm and it seems to be able to disguise her body composition and presence as that of a human.

Trigon (トライゴン Toraigon?): Fumina is able to materialize Hecate's Treasure Tool, Trigon. She uses it primarily to attack with Aster, but also uses it to break Margery's Unrestricted Spell, among other things like turning The Silver into Power of Existence and sealing the Reiji Maigo.[13]







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