Friagne and Marianne no Naze Nani Shana!

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"Friagne & Marianne no Naze Nani Shana! Nandemo Shitsumon-bako!" (フリアグネ&マリアンヌのなぜなにシャナ!なんでも質問箱! Friagne and Marianne's Why, What, Shana! Ask Anything Question Box?) is a series of animated shorts that are designed to inform the viewer on various terminologies in the Shakugan no Shana universe. There are twenty in all and each are hosted by Friagne and Marianne, who both appear in Chibi forms.

List of EpisodesEdit

Naze Nani Shana! Nandemo Shitsumon-bako!Edit

  • Season 1 Volume 1: Flame Haze (フレイムヘイズ Fureimuheizu?)
  • Season 1 Volume 2: Torch/Treasure Tool (トーチ/宝具 Tōchi/Hōgu?)
  • Season 1 Volume 3: Fuzetsu and Unrestricted Spell Part (封絶と自在法編 Fūzetsu to Jizaihō-hen?)
  • Season 1 Volume 4: Rinne and Divine Vessel Part (燐子と神器編 Rinne to Jingi-hen?)
  • Season 1 Volume 5: Love and Objective Part (愛と目的編 Ai to Mokuteki-hen?)
  • Season 1 Volume 6: Tuner Part (調律師編 Chōritsu-shi-hen?)
  • Season 1 Volume 7: Bal Masqué Part (仮装舞踏会編 Kasōbutōkai-hen?)
  • Season 1 Volume 8: Fountain of Existence and Manifestation Part (存在の泉と顕現編 Sonzai no Izumi to Kengen-hen?)

Naze Nani Shana! Nandemo Shitsumon-bako!SPEdit

Naze nani Shana! Tokubetsu-hen (なぜなにシャナ!特別編 Why What Shana Special Edition?)Edit

  • OVA SP: Marianne's Exploration of J.C.Staff (マリアンヌのJ.C.STAFF探訪 Marian'nu no J.C.STAFF Tanbō?)

Naze Nani Shana! Nandemo Shitsumon-bako!Edit

  • Season 2 Volume 1: First Round: Mare Part (第1回「メア」編 Dai 1-kai `Mea'-hen?)
  • Season 2 Volume 2: Second Round: Keeper Part (第2回「戒禁」編 Dai 2-kai `Kaikin'-hen?)
  • Season 2 Volume 3: Third Round: Outlaw Part (第3回「アウトロー」編 Dai 3-kai `Autorō'-hen?)
  • Season 2 Volume 4: Fourth Round: The Silver Part (第4回「銀」編 Dai 4-kai `Gin'-hen?)
  • Season 2 Volume 5: Fifth Round: "Colorful Wave" Pheles Revolving Wheel of the Wind (第5回「"彩飄"フィレス」「風の転輪」 Dai 5-kai `" Saihyō" Firesu'`-Kaze no Tenrin'?)
  • Season 2 Volume 6: Sixth Round: Giralda (第6回『ヒラルダ』 Dai 6-kai “Hiraruda”?)
  • Season 2 Volume 7: Seventh Round: "Destructive Blade" Sabrac (第7回『“壊刃”サブラク』 Dai 7-kai “ “Kaijin” Saburaku”?)
  • Season 2 Volume 8: Eighth Round: Statue of Pride (第8回『敖の立像』 Dai 8-kai “ Gō no Ritsuzō”?)


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