The Flame Haze Army

Flame Haze Army (フレイムヘイズ兵団 Fureimuheizu Heidan?) is the official term of an army consisting of numerous Flame Haze that work together to fight against large Crimson Denizen organizations.


In the past, Flame Haze never fought alongside each other or built an organized army. It was during the Middle Ages, when the Great War began, that the "Flame Haze Army" was created for the first time. Its name was coined by Samuel Demantius.

The first formation of the army began with the cooperation of all of the Flame Haze to defeat Töten Glocke, the leading force of the Crimson Denizen organizations, led by Asiz. The second formation of the army began with the preemptive attack on major Outlaw networks by Bal Masqué for the preparation of "Grand Order" and the return of The Snake of the Festival. With Bal Masqué and their leader declaring war against the Flame Haze throughout the world, the Flame Haze Army began to mobilize and prepare for a full-scale war around the world. Sophie Sawallisch was Supreme Commander of both of the formed Armies.


Great WarEdit

Second Great WarEdit


Flame Haze Army
Great War
Supreme General Sophie Sawallisch
Army Commanders Karl BerwaldSamuel Demantius
Other Operatives AlexDenisMathilde Saint-OmerWilhelmina CarmelCecilia RodrigoFrançois AuricClemens RottYamabeKhamsin Nbh'wBerwald Group adjutant
Crimson Lords TakemikazuchiOutreniaia and VetcherniaiaZirnitraHaagentiGarouAlastorTiamatCuélebreGrogachNóttŌyamakuiBehemoth
Second Great War
Supreme Commander Sophie Sawallisch
Army Commanders Samuel DemantiusErnest FliederSeere HabichtsburgHildegard
The Four Gods of Earth CenterHillEastEdgeSouthValleyWestShore
Other Operatives François AuricRebecca ReedKhamsin Nbh'wShanaWilhelmina CarmelChiara ToscanaMikalojus CuiDan RogersMargery DawHolmèsGlinka
Crimson Lords TakemikazuchiZirnitraBrigidGizoWodanTlalocQuetzalcóatlTezcatlipocaChalciuhtlicueGrogachBalarBehemothAlastorTiamatOutreniaia and VetcherniaiaJophielFifinellaMarchosiasCeridwenDažbog
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