"So that... is our... God..."
— Fecor's last words while seeing the Snake of the Festival's true form

Fecor (フェコルー Fekorū?) is a Crimson Lord who acts as a gatekeeper of the Seireiden, greeting Denizens and Lords at the entrance gate of the fortress, keeping secret his existence as a Lord. His true name is "Tempest Hoof" (嵐蹄 Rantei?). He seems to be a mere Denizen, but in fact, is Bel Peol's right-hand man and a Crimson Lord, and is in charge of the Seireiden's defence as a Wache of Bal Masqué. He uses a very powerful and deadly "defensive" Power of Unrestraint called Magnesia, which is renowned as an impregnable wall (although Tenmoku Ikko had no problem cutting it in half with the Nietono no Shana).


Fecor has the appearance of a feeble, middle-aged businessman, of middle height and build. He has a pale complexion and long, black fingernails. He has straight, brown hair that falls down to his neck, blue-purple eyes, and a few wrinkles on his face. He wears a dark-green suit with a red-orange tie under a white shirt. Fecor also has the stereotypical features of a demon, such as horns, a pair of bat's wings, and a long tail. The horns are white and protrude upwards. The wings are black in colour and have a wingspan relative to Fecor's height, with a horn coming out of the top. The tail is black and thin, having an arrow-shaped tip and reaching Fecor's feet. Fecor has a belt that is wrapped diagonally around his waist, which houses a short sword on his backside.


Being polite and timid, young Denizens like Vine had thought of Fecor as a mere guide. They know about the "Tempest Hoof", but never got the chance to see him in person, since Fecor always hides his appearance and uses particles of Magnesia to cloak himself when he shows himself in public. When Fecor is worried, he tends to wipe the sweat from his face with a napkin.




Fumina Konoe ArcEdit

At Bal Masqué's temporary residence, Fecor asks Bel Peol if that was all right, referring to Bal Masqué's plan. She replies that everything is going well.[1]

"Colorful Wave" ArcEdit

Fecor sees Johann

Fecor shocked when seeing Johann

Fecor is in Dantalion's factory, marveling at The Silver's armor, which is missing its left arm and head. He concludes that someone else can use the Taimei Shihen and is preventing them from teleporting all of The Silver, which Bel Peol says is impossible. Hecate concludes that the original owner of the Reiji Maigo is at the festival, worrying Fecor. Inside Pheles' Fūzetsu in Misaki City, Shana tries to attack Fumina, but Fecor defends her with a big cube with his Unrestricted Spell, Magnesia. He rains down more, smaller cubes on everyone present, before arriving on the scene with Hecate. He halts Shana and Margery with Magnesia while Hecate reabsorbs Fumina and tries to destroy Yūji. He watches Hecate absorb Fumina. When Shana and Margery rush Hecate, Fecor tries to stop them, but is prevented by Wilhelmina's ribbons. Margery blasts him with Power of Existence, but he manages to escape. Like everyone else, Fecor is surprised when Yūji turns into Johann. He attacks the twister that Johann and Pheles form, but to no avail. Hecate later activates an Unrestricted Spell, and leaves the scene with Fecor.[2]

Scars from the Storm ArcEdit

Back at the factory, Fecor is again watching the Silver with Dantalion, Hecate and Bel Peol. He reports that they failed in destroying the Mystes of the Reiji Maigo. He watches as The Silver moves.[3]

Grand Order ArcEdit

At the temporary residence, Fecor is seen with Bel Peol, discussing the stage of Bal Masqué's plan.[4]

Fecor watches the events of the awakening of the Statue of Pride with Bel Peol and was flabbergasted when their plan ended with failure.[5]

Blackout ArcEdit

At the starry throne room of Seireiden, Fecor walks with Bel Peol and Hecate behind their new leader, the Snake of the Festival Yūji Sakai. He stops at the beginning of the flight of stairs and bows. Yūji goes to the top and orders Seireiden to travel west.[6]

Fecor uses Magnesia to transport himself to the Snake of the Festival, Bel Peol, and Hecate, who are at a snowy mountain range. He reports that the ceremony for the Leader is now ready. The Crimson God thanks him and announces that they will return to Seireiden.[7]

Biding Time ArcEdit

On a tower at Seireiden, Fecor carries the Treasure Tool, Trivia, and meets up with Bel Peol and Sydonay. They talk about Bal Masqué's strategy meeting then, upon Bel Peol's orders, he uses Trivia to draw a circle in the air, connecting her to Domino and Dantalion. When Dantalion starts to get annoying, Bel Peol signals Fecor, and he slashes the circle with Trivia, cutting the connection.[8]

Fecor is seen attending Yūji's speech to countless Crimson Denizens.[9]

Seireiden Battle ArcEdit

Fecor talk Decarabia

Fecor talking to Decarabia

Fecor, the keeper of Seireiden while the Snake of the Festival and Trinity are away, is in the Seireiden meeting room when Decarabia reports to him using his Unrestricted Spell, Providence. He reports to Fecor on the progress of the war, pointing out that Sophie Sawallisch is not present. He asks Fecor to ready the troops at Seireiden, making Fecor think that there will be a surprise attack. He grants Decarabia his permission. After Decarabia leaves, Fecor pauses and thinks. Later, he senses the tremors of Khamsin and Rebecca's attacks on Seireiden.[10]

Fecor sees TI

Fecor seeing Tenmoku Ikko

Fecor is feeling the tremors when some Crimson Denizens report that Khamsin is behind it. Fecor than look at the Gehinnom and notices the explosions occurring all over the place, as well as Rebecca. He orders all troops to attack them, calling out to Purson and Vual. Fecor uses Magnesia to defend the Divine Gate from Khamsin's attacks. When Purson contacts him, Fecor tells him to take command of the front lines, and tells Vual to find out how the Flame Haze got in. He tells them to tell the maid Rinne to move Shana to a safe location. He thinks about how they got in, then contacts Decarabia using one of his scales, which Fecor had in his pocket. He asks him if he knows how the Flame Haze broke in. Decarabia doesn't know, and Fecor figures out that he must protect the Divine Gate and Seireiden until the Snake of the Festival returns. He looks for signs of a break-in on the Gehinnom, coming to a conclusion that they 'appeared' inside the Seireiden from the Tendōkyū. He wonders if Wilhelmina is in Seireiden as well. Tenmoku Ikko breaks into the room, killing a Crimson Denizen. Fecor casts his Magnesia, but Tenmoku cuts through it, fatally wounding him. The particles of Magnesia cast around the Divine Gate then fade away.[11]

When Sophie tries to destroy the Divine Gate with her lightning kick, Fecor defends it with Magnesia. He is lying on one of the towers of the fallen Seireiden, dying from a wound inflicted by Tenmoku Ikko. After protecting the gate, Fecor loses consciousness and falls off the tower.[12]

Fecor lies on his back, looking up at the true form of the Snake of the Festival. He appears glad as he perishes, burning up into flames. He lived long enough to see the return of his master's true body. Bel Peol bids him farewell, asking him if he could see the fruits of their labour before he departed.[13]


Bel PeolEdit

Bel Peol is Fecor's superior, and as such, he treats her with great respect. He always speaks nicely and addresses her according to her rank.


Fecor treats Hecate much the same way as Bel Peol.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Flight: Fecor is capable of flight.

Unrestricted SpellsEdit

Fecor magnesia transport

Fecor using Magnesia to protect himself

Magnesia (マグネシア Maguneshia?): Fecor's renowned Unrestricted Spell, in which Fecor creates a storm of heavy cubical particles that are controlled by will. The streams of cubes inflict heavy blows upon the enemies and can be used offensively in spite of its true purpose as a defensive maneuver. They can also be concentrated to form giant objects to crush Fecor's enemies or smaller particles to push flying enemies down. He usually cloaks himself with these particles when appearing in public in order to keep his identity as the right-hand man of Bel Peol a secret.

Treasure ToolsEdit

Trivia (トリヴィア Torivuia?): Fecor frequently carries the torch-like Treasure Tool, Trivia, while he is at Seireiden. He uses it to detect enemies' invasion, as well as to control the dimensions within the castle. By drawing a circle in the air with it, Fecor can talk to people far away through the flames that are left behind. The connection between the two places ceases when Fecor slashes the circle with Trivia's flames.[8]

Oreikhalkos (オレイカルコス Oreikarukosu?): A curved sword that Fecor always wears by his side. It can cut the target off, ignoring the distance between Fecor and target. However he drew this sword only a few times.[14]


  • (To Decarabia after the Flame Haze break in at Seireiden): "I understand. Until our Leader returns, I will protect the Divine Gate, Crypta, and this fort."[11]
  • (When dying while seeing the Snake of the Festival's true form): "So that... is our... God..."[13]


  • Fecor has the same Japanese and FUNimation English voice actor as Di Hong.
  • Fecor's name is likely derived from Fécor, a minor demon associated with the demons Anarazel and Gaziel. Another possibility is the Great Duke of Hell Focalor of the Ars Goetia, who notably took the form of a man with griffon wings.




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