Ernest Flieder (アーネスト・フリーダー Ānesuto Furīdā?) is the Flame Haze bound to "Arts and Crafts of Application" Brigid. His title is "Transposer of Corpses and Bodies" (骸軀の換え手 Gaiku no Kaete?), which refers to his abilities to change his body's density (thus allowing him to hide or move through solid objects) and create his own clones from soil at his will. Despite being a powerful and renowned Flame Haze for decades, he rarely fights head-to-head with enemies and uses his power to ambush them instead.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Flieder is a tall and handsome man of English descent. He has short golden hair and reddish brown eyes. His height is about 190 cm (6 ft 3 in)[1]. His choice of clothes is white suit with the Ambrosia, Brigid's vessel in the shape of an artificial red rose, in his jacket's pocket.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Despite his formidable combat prowess, he always chooses to battle with his safety as the main priority, opting to sneak on his opponents instead of facing them head-on. His tactics involve hiding in a safe place (like under the ground), then deceiving and luring enemies into his traps: the explosive clones of himself. His tendency to avoid direct combat and use of sneaky tactics enabled him to be a rather formidable tactician. However, these kinds of tactics cause other Flame Haze to look down on him including long-time acquaintance Rebecca Reed, who calls him the "petty imposter".

Flieder has a principle that his first name should be called only by a woman who he loves. After He was jilted by Rebecca, he is thoroughly disseminating this principle to relevant parties;[2] even Brigid calls him with his surname.

Background[edit | edit source]

It is yet unclear when Flieder made the contract with Brigid, but there aren't any implications that he joined the Great War or was active during that era.

Révolution War[edit | edit source]

Flider, along with Rebecca, participated in the war with Révolution, the Denizen's organization intending to declare their existence to mankind. During this war, he ran across Ribesal and Pirsoyn and fought them but no one won or Flieder escaped them.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Human Hostage[edit | edit source]

Flieder was at the Tokyo Outlaw headquarter prior to the outbreak of the war. He welcomed Keisaku Satō, who came with Margery's recommendation, to the building but locked him in the room for a week. His intention was to make Wilhelmina Carmel leave Misaki City and participate in the upcoming war but his plan backfired when Rebecca overheard about Flieder's doing; she freed Satō and decided to help Wilhelmina in Shana's rescue mission at Seireiden.

Second Great War[edit | edit source]

Later, he is assigned by Sophie Sawallisch as the commander of the Tokyo Outlaw headquarters. Bal Masqué's army, led by Ribesal, assaults their headquarters with an army of Denizens and cannon-type Rinnes. Suffering from a tremendous amount of attacks, Flieder orders the retreat. He leaves the command room to the front line to relay the order himself but runs into Ribesal and Pirsoyn, who used Daimōn to corrupt front line Flame Haze. He reluctantly attacks Ribesal to buy some time using his special ability but Ribesal sees through his tactics and drives him back to the building. He barely manages to protect the Tokyo Outlaw headquarter for half a day when the sneak attack on Seireiden makes Decarabia order every army around the world to fall back.

He later, once again, orders a retreat from Tokyo Outlaw headquarter when the Crimson God, Snake of the Festival's scheme to create a paradise for Crimson Denizens at the Misaki City is universally announced. This annunciation makes Denizens all around the world rally to Japan, making it the center of the final battle.

Flieder and Mikalojus Cui go to capture Rofocale, who is one of the very few servants of the God of Guidance presently alive. They manage to imprison him with Mikalojus' trap at the Tian Shan mountains. Flieder requests that Rofocale contact the God he serves in order to convey a certain message to every Denizen, but to no avail since Rofocale can't perform the Divine Summoning himself. Suddenly this ceremony is triggered by the God himself and Rofocale is sacrificed to perform the Divine Summoning and Shaher manifests himself.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Brigid[edit | edit source]

Contrasting to other Flame Hazes and their Crimson Lord partners, Ernest seems to be the more confident and take charge individual of the two. He often comforts Brigid when she feels worried or gets nervous.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Flieder's powers and abilities involve two things: controlling body density and making clones. He could change his own body's density to move through solid things like walls and floors without being detected. The ability to sculpt clones as decoys to lure enemies is his other main tactic. These clones can be ordered to explode by his will or the enemies' contact; the explosion spreads rivets inside clones, piecing them to death.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Flieder's surname may be derived from Raphael Flieder or Klara Flieder; both are Austrian musicians.
  • In the anime, his surname, as it appeared in the letter Wilhelmina received from Sophie, is rendered as "Frieder". "Frieder", in other cases for composers or musicians, are mostly used as a given name, not as a surname.
  • Flieder has the same FUNimation English voice actor as Fumina Konoe's butler.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. RGB code sourced from 鳶色 on colordic

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