The "Dengeki Bunko 2007 Movie Festival Special" (電撃文庫ムービーフェスティバル スペシャル・オープニングアニメ Dengeki Bunko Mūbī Fesutibaru Supesharu Ōpuningu Anime?) is a short animation that was played at the Dengeki Bunko 2007 Movie Festival before Shakugan no Shana The Movie and the other two films that make up the festival: Kino's Journey: Country of Illness -For You- and Inukami! The Movie, both also based on light novels published by Dengeki Bunko. It was later released on DVD and sold at Dengeki Bunko's 15th Anniversary event. The special features interaction between super deformed characters from all three light novel series as they head to a movie theater in order to watch the movie festival.


The traveler Kino and her talking motorcycle, Hermes, arrive at a movie theater, but it, along with the town they are in, are in ruins. Kino suggests that they go to the next city.

DB Movie Festival Kazumi tickets

Kazumi asking Yūji to go to the movie festival with her

In the morning, at the Sakai residence, Yūji Sakai is called to the front yard by Kazumi Yoshida, with Shana watching them from the roof of the house. As Kazumi has two tickets for the Dengeki Bunko Movie Festival and asks Yūji to go with her, Shana, who sneaks closer to them behind a telephone pole, is instantly angered.

DB Movie Festival Shana learns movies

Shana learning what a movie is

Elsewhere in the city, Keita Kawahira is walking to the theater with his dog deity companion, Yōko floating while holding his arm, exciting to see a movie with Keita. Keita feels he hasn't spent time with Yōko lately and he should service her once in a while. As they enter the theater, they pass a tent where Kino is sleeping. As Hermes wakes her up so they don't miss the movie, Yūji and Kazumi walk past. Kino goes back in the tent as Shana lurks behind it, still watching Yūji and Kazumi. She is angered that Yūji would skip training with her to go with Kazumi and also asks Alastor what a movie is. He replies that it is a place where two people sit in the dark together and become lovers. They both disapprove and Shana races after the two.

Inside the theater, Yōko plans to go to the bathroom and warns Keita not to flirt with other girls, and doesn't believe his very enthusiastic oath not to before leaving. Keita goes off to buy drinks for himself and Yōko.

After Shana finishes buying a movie ticket, Kino tries to obtain one for herself and Hermes. When the clerk says that bikes aren't allowed in, Hermes responds that it is a motorcycle, after which there is an awkward silence.

DB Movie Festival Kazumi sees naked Keita

Kazumi seeing Keita naked

After Kazumi buys two drinks, she bumps into Keita, who saves her for falling. Keita takes a liking to Kazumi and begins talking to her as Yōko leaves the bathroom and sees them. As Keita claims a misunderstanding, Yōko uses her ability Shukichi to remove his clothes, to the shock of Kazumi.

DB Movie Festival Shana Yoko angry

"And I believed in you!"

Kazumi screams and runs away and Keita runs after her claiming a misunderstanding as an angry Yōko flies after the two. At the end of the hallway is Yūji. Kazumi tells him Keita is a pervert and as Keita runs up to Yūji stating that he's not, Yōko uses Jaen, a flame attack, but Keita hides behind Yūji and it hits him instead. As Yōko is chasing Keita, Kazumi holds up an unconscious Yūji whose head is against her breasts. Shana walks into the hallway and sees this and Alastor is appalled. As Yūji regains consciousness, Shana invokes her powers angrily. Yūji and Keita plead their cases to no avail as Shana and Yōko both say that they had believed in their respective love interests with tears in their eyes. Yūji and Keita run for their lives with the girls quickly following.

Kino is still stuck at the ticket booth and politely offers money, but takes out a gun, scaring the clerk. Kino begins searching her other pocket for her wallet.

DB Movie Festival Shana Yoko praise

Shana and Yōko praising each other with Kino in the background

Yūji and Keita reach a dead end and are at the mercy of Shana and Yōko's flame attacks, which causes a massive explosion at the front of the theater. Yūji and Keita drop to the ground, roasted. Shana and Yōko admire each other's abilities as Kino and Hermes finally enter the theater as the movie is about to start.

In the theater seats, Yūji and Keita are still unconscious as everyone claps for the start of the movie. Kino and Hermes feel like they will enjoy the movie festival.

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  • Great Blade of Crimson: Used on Yūji and Keita by Shana


  • Ruined town
  • Sakai residence
  • Movie theater


  • Alastor (To Shana about movies): "They say it's a time where people sit next to each other in the dark and become lovers."
  • Alastor (To Yūji after he regains consciousness): "To think you would bury your face in a girl's chest here! YOU STUPID FOOL!"
  • Yūji and Keita: "It's a misunderstanding! Misunderstanding!"
    Shana and Yōko: "And I believed in you!"
  • Kino (To clerk): "Um. What if I pay properly with money?" *Takes out gun "Oh, my wallet must be in this one." *Searches other pocket.


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