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Decarabia (デカラビア Dekarabia?) is a powerful Crimson Lord and Herold of Bal Masqué who serves as Supreme Commander for the various armies engaged in the Second Great War for the Snake of the Festival. His true name is "Officer of Boundless Seas" (淼渺吏 Byōbyōri?).


Decarabia takes the form of a fish-like creature with a long body; he looks somewhat like a barracuda.


Decarabia tends to do as he pleases, not thinking at all if his actions could offend others. He is very cautious, keeping in mind all possibilities that could happen in the war, and makes precautions in case these probabilities occur, even if there is no sign at all that they could occur and the likelihood of the event occurring being nearly impossible. Despite this, he is remarkably confident in his own ability to bring victory to his army. Nevertheless, he is extremely careful as to what Sophie Sawallisch, the Supreme Commander of the Flame Haze Army, will do.


After the Great War ended with Asiz's defeat, Bel Peol ordered him to closely observe the Nachtigall's prisoner who left the battlefield shortly after parting with the God of Retribution.[1]


Blackout Arc[]

Decarabia, concealed in his Providence insignia, approaches Lamies in a rainy city. Lamies greets him and comments that Decarabia has shown himself to him even though it isn't an emergency, concluding that Bal Masqué is in need of his services once again.[2]

Biding Time Arc[]

Decarabia at the meeting

Decarabia attends Bel Peol's strategy meeting at Seireiden. He talks within his Providence Unrestricted Spell and says that nothing unexpected will happen in Bel Peol's plan because he is at Seireiden. An angered Ribesal states that Decarabia is profane for not revealing himself to two of the Trinity, Bel Peol and Sydonay who are present. Decarabia does show himself and apologizes to the Trinity members. Sydonay tells him to be mindful of others, which Decarabia takes in before returning to his Unrestricted Spell.[3]

Decarabia, again inside Providence, is present at the Seireiden bar. Sydonay kicks the insignia, causing him to reveal himself. Decarabia is told by Sydonay to be cautious in the war and not let anyone die in vain. Decarabia states that there is nothing to worry about as long as he is in command and tells him their plan; to enter a siege when the Flame Haze reach Seireiden, which Sydonay agrees with.[4]

Seireiden Battle Arc[]

Decarabia talking to Fecor

After Yūji Sakai and the Trinity enter the Divine Gate, Decarabia appears before the gathered Bal Masqué Denizen army and orders them to move out. He later reports in to Fecor, the fort commander, telling him that all battles are proceeding well before commenting that Sophie Sawallisch is not present. He asks Fecor for permission to ready the troops at Seireiden, making Fecor think that the Flame Haze will attack. Decarabia is well aware of that Seireiden has never been sighted by the enemy for hundreds of years, but also knows that the war is going to well for Bal Masqué. Fecor grants Decarabia permission and the latter withdraws the scale that was keeping them in contact.[5]

During Khamsin Nbh'w and Rebecca Reed's attack on Seireiden, Fecor uses one of Decarabia's scales, which was in his pocket, to contact him. Fecor asks how the Flame Haze infiltrated Seireiden and Decarabia responds that there are no openings in the security system, making the break-in mysterious. He informs Fecor of support that will arrive tomorrow, leaving Fecor to protect the Divine Gate and Seireiden until then.[6]

Decarabia surprised when the Seireiden begins to fall

Decarabia later notices that he has been cut off with Fecor, due to the latter being attacked by Tenmoku Ikko. He states that it is now unavoidable for the Divine Gate to be found and that he should assume the enemy is nearby. He wonders where the intruders came from. He states that the destruction of Crypta is progressing and that the Flame Haze know where the Seireiden is. Decarabia uses Providence to relay a message to Ribesal and Haborym, the commanders of the Eastern and Western forces respectively. He orders the two to cease fighting and return to Seireiden immediately because Sophie will attack soon. He tells them to spread the word and promises an explanation later. Decarabia ends the message and claims that he won't let Sophie's forces close because Seireiden has lookout posts and wide-range Unrestricted Spells surrounding it. He is, however, surprised when Sophie's forces descend to Seireiden from planes, as well as when Seireiden begins to fall.[7]

Decarabia getting hit by Sophie's lightning kick

Decarabia leads the Denizen army to Sophie's forces when Shana and the other Flame Haze appear. Decarabia becomes shocked when Shana uses Shinpan to explain to Sophie and her army that the Divine Gate will be used to guide the Snake of the Festival to this world. As the two armies resume fighting, Decarabia feels that he must buy time for the arrival of Haborym's forces to prevent Seireiden's secrets from being found out. Decarabia's clones then appear on the battlefield while using a teleportation spell on themselves and a protection spell on all of his comrades. They gain the upper hand as the blizzard stops. As Samuel creates a bridge to Seireiden, Decarabia surfaces from Providence and is about to fire his Power of Existence at Samuel when he is killed by Sophie's lightning kick. Decarabia was successful in delaying Sophie's forces, as Haborym's forces appear with Stolas as a guide.[8]

Other Appearances[]

Anime Appearances[]

Shakugan no Shana-tan[]

Wilhelmina catching Decarabia

In the first eyecatch of the fourteenth episode, Shana-tan and Kazumi watch as Wilhelmina catches Decarabia from a river. Later, in a Naze Nani Shana-tan class, Bel Peol explains to Shana-tan that many of the Bal Masqué members' character designs were tweaked for the third season of the anime because they were "cute", with Decarabia being one of the members seen in a montage. Wilhelmina, who is in the class, is in awe of Decarabia, who she says is the "lord of the river".[9]



Powers and Abilities[]

Master Tactician: As the commander of the Outlaw Demolition Army, and also due to his cautious nature, Decarabia is extremely analytical, being able to discern that a force led by Sophie Sawallisch was going to attack.[7]

Unrestricted Spells[]

Decabia using Providence

Providence (プロビデンス Purobidensu?): Decarabia has a very useful Power of Unrestraint, Providence, which allows him to conceal himself within an insignia.[3] The insignia varies in size and is usually small, but inside is another dimension that appears to be like the sea and nigh-on infinite, being closed off from the surrounding area. In it, Decarabia can see things from the outside through a projector-like insignia, provided that one of his scales is nearby. This allows him to communicate with others.[5] The scales, like the insignia, vary largely in size.

Decarabia's signature move is "The Scale of the Resonant Depths", which he used to disperse the Flame Haze armies under Demantius.[citation needed]

Fecor communicating with Decarabia through his scale

  • Scales: Providence also allows him to detach his scales to be given to the Denizen armies. These scales act as a medium for him to perform Powers of Unrestraint, and also as a form of communication. He can also use these scales as a medium of access for other Crimson Denizens to cast their spells.

Endan (炎弾 Flame Bullet?): Decarabia can fire multiple balls of his Power of Existence from his mouth. He can also shoot out a beam that is far more powerful, as he states that he can only use it once. The beam takes a long time to charge, which resulted in Decarabia's death at the hands of Sophie. When it fired, it obliterated the ground around it and part of Samuel's bridge.[8]

While on the battlefield, according to Sophie, Decarabia uses an Unrestricted Spell on himself to teleport, evading Flame Haze attacks. He also casts protection spells on all Denizens of his army.[8] He uses a spell to create clones of himself.




  • Like many Bal Masqué members, Decarabia's name is pulled from the Ars Goetia. The demon he is named after is commonly depicted as a pentagram star.
  • He has the same voice actor as Gizo.



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