Dantalion (ダンタリオン Dantarion?) is a Crimson Lord who behaves like a stereotypical mad scientist and is often referred to as "Professor Dantalion" (ダンタリオン教授 Dantarion Kyōju?) or simply "Professor". He is not liked, and is even hated by most Denizens, even among the Bal Masqué, because he conducts research on their own people and is also responsible for an experiment which created some of their nemeses: Flame Haze. Among the Trinity, Bel Peol does not like or trust him and Sydonay hates him, but somehow Hecate seems close to him, even calling him "oji-sama" (the greeting toward uncles or respectable seniors) and protected him most of the time from getting into trouble with the higher-ups. His true name is "Seeking Researcher" (探耽求究 Tantankyūkyū?) and the color of his Flame is "foolishly faded green" (馬鹿のように白けた緑 Baka no yō ni shiraketa midori?).


Dantalion takes the form of a tall and thin man wearing thick glasses and a white robe. He also wraps belts around his body.

He always hangs various articles around his neck, which include a notebook, a rosary, and a binocular.

His body is so flexible, he can twist his upper body 180 degrees, can literally stretch his arms, and can even transform his hand into robotic manipulator (to pinch his faithful assistant's cheek in agitation).


He doesn't care who he works with, Denizens, humans, or even Flame Haze, as long as he's interested; he even deems many ruined plans as successes in science. He creates many gadgets, from creatures like the "Rinne" Cantate Domino 28 (a parody of Tetsujin 28) to huge steam locomotives. He's also notorious for conducting experiments meant for no practical result.

He hates shiitake mushroom, but he hates Bel Peol and a Flame Haze named "Puppeteer of Devilish Skills" Seere Habichtsburg more because he is reminded of his past experimental failures (Seere was one of his human subject experiments to study the system of contract between Flame Haze and Crimson Lord).


He originally assisted Bal Masque in their various schemes, and was the original creator of The Silver and a prototype version of the Fūzetsu and various other magical gadgets. He also created Gordian Knots. He seems to care not about the outcomes of his schemes rather than the opportunity to conduct experiments for curosity and gets very flustered when anyone ruins any of his experiments.


In the first season of the anime he helped Bal Masqué build a machine to siphon unlimited Power of Existence from the Reiji Maigo from its attempt to refill Hecate's unlimited storage potential.

Later, he unsuccessfully tried to create a larger version of the Silver called the Statue of Pride again using the Reiji Maigo as its heart.

Upon the return of the Snake of the Festival, he assisted him in his attempt to create the Denizen paradise Xanadu, building the Tower needed to initiate the Grand Order. He was also in charge of the Tower defenses along with Mammon, for which he created many large explosive robots. Seere Habichtsburg sent one of his robot attacks back at him, as his escape device was unfortunately deactivated by Para, it killed the Seeking Researcher and Domino.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Keen Intellect: There can be no doubt that Dantalion has a sharp mind. Bel Peol refers to him as a "Fool that is only clever" (頭がよいだけの馬鹿者 Atama ga yoi dake no bakamono?).[1]

Materialization of Substance: Dantalion is capable of summoning the peculiar substance - useless scrap in most cases - [2] known as 'Material'. Gordian Knot is made from one of the Material, "Demigold".

Crystallization of Self-Research (我学の結晶 Gagaku no Kesshō?): Dantalion's inventions that are made by combining a substance from the human world with a Material. Without exception, these inventions are numbered and named with the word: "Excellent".






  • Barry Yandell, the FUNimation English voice actor for Dantalion, also does the voice of Domino in season 2.
  • Dantalion is a great duke of hell in demonology. [3]
  • Dantalion's belt symbolize that he is bound by the natural law. Similarly, his bizarre behavior symbolizes the resistance. [4]



  1. RGB code sourced from sky green (スカイグリーン) on colordic



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