The Crystal Altar (玻璃壇 Haridan?), is a Treasure Tool that functions as a miniature projection of the real world. It can be used to observe the location of Torches and Power of spells, and other things related to Power of Existence and the Power of Unrestraint. It is crystal blue and it is displayed by its name.



Crystal Altar in its original shape.

From Margery's story, it is told that Crystal Altar was made about three millenniums ago by a Crimson God called Snake of the Festival, who had taken a liking to the act of "ruling."

The Crystal Altar was originally intended to be used with the Gehinnom, an enormous stone bowl found inside the Bal Masqué headquarters. He created a human city and then watched over that city using the Crystal Altar. However, he was sealed in an alternate dimension (the realm between two worlds) after many battles with various Flame Haze and it disappeared. However, Friagne the Hunter discovered it and took possession of it. Then, he brought it with him into Misaki City for his plans. While one may be deceived that it looks like the city's replica, the Altar itself is actually shaped like a small bronze mirror, hidden inside Friagne's enormous pile of Treasure Tools.

After his defeat, it was left in Yoda Department Store where he used it as his base and being used by Shana, Margery Daw, Yuji Sakai and humans who assist the Flame Haze like Kazumi Yoshida, Eita Tanaka, and Satō Keisaku to montior and help to plan strategies to defeat the Bal Masqué and make their plans fail. Later, when Shana was defeated on the her first encounter with Yuji after his Power of Existence runs out, he and the Snake of the Festival took it and place it back to the Gehinnom in Seireiden, the base and the headquarters of the Bal Masqué.


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