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Crimson Gods ( Kami?) is a term used to describe Crimson Lords that possess more power than most Crimson Lords. Each of these Gods are bestowed upon the duty of materializing the very laws of the Crimson Realm; for example, Alastor is known as the God of Retribution (天罰神 Tenbatsushin?), while the Snake of the Festival is the God of Creation (創造神 Sōzōshin?), and Shaher is the God of Guidance (導きの神 Michibiki no Kami?).

Noted Crimson Gods[]

Name Title Contractor
Alastor God of Retribution Shana, Mathilde Saint-Omer (Former)
Snake of the Festival God of Creation Yuji Sakai (Former)
Shaher God of Guidance


  • The term appears to be gender neutral, as Shaher, though female, is still referred to as a "God" rather than a "Goddess".
  • Alastor's flame color is described as the crimson "which burns away everything" (「全てを焼き尽くす」紅蓮 subete o yakitsukusu guren?)
  • Snake of the Festival's flame color is described as the black "which blots out everything" (「全てを塗りつぶす」黒 subete o nuritsubusu kuro?)
  • Shaher's flame color is described as the pure white "which bleaches out everything" (「全てを掻き消す」純白 subete o kakikesu junpaku?)


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