Chiara Toscana (キアラ・トスカナ Kiara Tosukana?) is the successor of the title "Archer of Aurora" (極光の射手 Kyokkō no Ite?) and its previous holder, Karl Berwald. She is a young girl who holds a contract with a Crimson Lord with two personalities named Outreniaia and Vetcherniaia, "Forerunner of Daybreak" and "Successor of Twilight", respectively. Her choice of Divine Vessels is also arrowheads, like Karl's, but she prefers to use it as hair accessories instead. In the battle, the arrowheads become the tips of the aurora-colored bow which is used to shoot the signature Unrestricted Spells of "Archer of Aurora": Gripen's Howl and Draken's Roar.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Chiara has light brown long hair with arrowheads-like hair accessories which are the Divine Vessels of Outreniaia and Vetcherniaia. She also has red eyes, she usually wears a pink shirt and a golden necklace.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Chiara appears to have a very cheerful personality.

Background[edit | edit source]

Chiara is of Italian descent. She becomes a Flame Haze during the end of 19th century.

She loses her mother and has been living with her father since childhood. In the last years of 19th century, her father, who is a scholar, takes her with him to northern country (possibly one of the Nordic countries) for a scientific research. While traveling on the mountain, they are attacked by a Crimson Denizen. Her father pushes her off from the peak in order to save her from the Denizen. Chiara witnesses the aurora light above her. The light, actually the Crimson Lord with two personalities, Outreniaia and Vetcherniaia, offer to her the contract to become a Flame Haze. However, she is too late to save her father as she is mesmerized with its beauty, losing herself for a moment. Her father being devoured mentally scarred her mind, believing herself to be at fault. Ever since, she cannot use her Powers to its full potential as the predecessor.

After making a contract, she is sent by Paula Klecki to Seere Habichtsburg so he could train her. They are ordered to help the reestablishment of the destroyed Hawaii branch of Outlaw; they eventually get involved in the battle against a group from Revolution and succeed in stopping them. During the event, Chiara finally overcomes her past trauma and is able to use the signature powers of the "Archer of Aurora": Gripen's Howl and Draken's Roar.

As partners, she and Seere are renowned among Flame Haze and Denizens alike in the past hundred years. Chiara also gain a nickname from her enemies as Belle of Sky's Road (天路少艾 Tenro Shōgai?).

Plot[edit | edit source]

When the Second Great War begins, Chiara and Seere are deployed in Egypt and fight against the Denizens under Mammon's command.

Later, both Chiara and Seere join Shana and the others in the battle against Bal Masqué in Misaki City. She and Seere fight against Mammon and Dantalion's Iron Giants at the bottom part of the Saishuku no Shadan tower.

While flying, they are nearly hit by the robot's Kiken no Kentō but thanks to Seere, who is with her they avoided the incoming attack and continued flying. After distracting Mammon on having his chance to kill Seere, she then rescued Seere who is falling after his attempt on destroying the Control Room and attempting to kill Dantalion. While they continue flying in the air, Chiara decided to get involve in Seere's battle and work together and fight Dantalion and Mammon head-on. Then while they were rushing downwards the invented robots of Dantalion formed a circle, then both Seere and Chiara got sucked up by its Kisan no Taiken which can devour anything within the 30 meter radius but then they still avoided it when Seere used his strings on the river to prevent them from going in the Circle. After their dodging maneuvers Chiara then fired multiple arrows to hit the Robots but then it failed on hitting because of the explosion created by the Ultimate Dispersing Circle.

After Seere managed to kill Dantalion using his own exploding robot against him, Chiara took advantage of Mammon's moment of distraction to fatally injure him.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Seere Habichtsburg[edit | edit source]

She was Seere Habichtsburg's pupil and now, at the present, is his partner. Before she and Seere go to Xanadu, Gizo and her Lord Outreniaia and Vetcherniaia strongly imply that she has feelings for him. After they move to Xanadu, it is implied that they are married and her name becomes "Chiara Toscana Habichtsburg".[1]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Flight: After she overcomes her fear of using her aurora powers, Chiara is finally able to create a flying arrowhead from the Divine Vessel Zorya, which she could ride on it. It is also used to pierce or cut through enemies at high speed.

Unrestricted Spells[edit | edit source]

Chiara's rapid fired arrow

Bow and Arrows of Aurora (極光の弓矢 Kyokkō no Yumiya?): Chiara's Power of Unrestraint during her first years as a Flame Haze. Her Divine Vessel becomes the tip of the bow and fires aurora arrows which are a lot slower and weaker than Gripen's Howl and Draken's Roar.

Chiara's "Bow and Arrows of Aurora"

Gripen's Howl and Draken's Roar: Gripen's Howl (グリペンの咆 Guripen no Hō?) and Draken's Roar (ドラケンの哮 Doraken no Kō?) are the signature Power of Unrestraint of the Archer of Aurora. While riding the flying arrowhead, Chiara concentrates the aurora flame from both of its wings and shoot it as projectiles. These comet-like projectiles are deadly and can be rapidly fired at will.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Chiara's surname, Toscana (the Italian pronunciation of Tuscany), is a region in Italy. Although it breaks the tradition of Flame Haze surnames coming from real life composers, Toscana is where music flourished and many famous composers were born, such as Giacomo Puccini and Pietro Mascagni.

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