Chernobog (チェルノボーグ Cherunobōgu?) is one of the Nine Eternal Divine Scales, the nine great Crimson Lords gathered under the name of Töten Glocke, the organization led by "Weaver of Coffins" Asiz. Her true name is "Trickle of Darkness" (闇の雫 Yami no Shizuku?).


Chernobog appears as a black-haired woman robed in black. She has large cat ears and claws. She is sometimes seen wearing a cloak.


She is careless and takes orders as they are, rarely thinking before acting. She admires Molech for his intellect, which is her complete opposite. While she is rather stern when dealing with Molech, she does have a softer side to her, for instance she likes dandelions due to their colours resembling the colours of hers, and Molech's flames.




The Great WarEdit

After killing Gavida, Chernobog tries to assassinate Mathilde Saint-Omer. Upon doing so, she successfully wounds the Flame Haze during the battle, but ends up spilling blood all over Merihim. Mathile manages to win the fight but it leaves Merihim with a phobia of blood. Her suicidal attacks damage Mathilde, losing most of her vitals. This leads Mathilde to finally summon Alastor as a last resort to win the Great War. She falls at the hands of Wilhelmina Carmel.



She is very protective of Molech, whom she has having affectionate feelings for as well. However, Molech seems unaware of this, much to her annoyance. When Molech dies, she goes on a rampage and loses all composure.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

ES Manga Ch 30 Chernobog stretch arm

Chernobog stretching her arm.

She is able to use bombs and extend her limbs while striking an enemy from afar. Indeed, she is a very powerful stealth fighter that only experienced Flame Haze could battle.

Unrestricted SpellsEdit

Shadow Intrusion (影侵 Eishin?): Her signature power, which grants her the ability to blend with shadows and hide in them to make surprise attacks.


  • (To Asiz when joining him): "To assist each other forever? Interesting."[1]


  • Chernobog is the name of a Slavic deity associated with darkness and death.[2]




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