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This is the section dedicated to the characters of the Shakugan no Shana Light Novels. This is a tentative list of characters who were introduced in the novels but were excluded from or not yet introduced in the animated series, manga adaptations, or Drama CDs.

Flame HazeEdit

Paula KleckiEdit

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Paula is a member of the Dorel Party. She is good friends with Seere and is the one who sends Chiara, a recently contracted Flame Haze, to be his pupil during late 19th century. Years later, while being ambushed by Bal Masqué at their base, she is killed along with other members of the Dorel Party including their leader.


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Baudo is a member of the Dorel Party. He is killed along with Paula and other members when Bal Masqué's army attacks them.


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Alex is one of Sophie Sawallisch's right-hand men during Great War. The war with Révolution takes his life, depressing Sophie enough to withdraw from battle.


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Denis is one of Sophie Sawallisch's right-hand men during Great War. The war with Révolution takes his life, depressing Sophie enough to withdraw from battle.

Severer of LawEdit

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A Flame Haze that Yurī Chvojka praises along with Seere and Chiara. It is suggested that this is Yamabe's title but is not revealed yet.

Claude TaylorEdit

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Claude Taylor is a Flame Haze who makes a contract with Crimson Lord named Caim. He is also known as the "Ripper of Sky", Flame Haze that excels at fighting in the air. Claude joined the Outlaw's side during the Flame Haze's Civil War. Later on, he defected from Flame Haze's duties and join the Révolution. Claude Taylor is the only known Flame Haze that called off the contract in the story so far, excluding Margery Daw during her mental breakdown.


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Smith (first name unknown) is Harry and Harriet Smith's father and Tomasina's husband. He is the human member of Hawaii Outlaw branch. After his Flame Haze friend leaves to join the Flame Haze's Civil War and is killed, Smith makes a contract and becomes Flame Haze himself.


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George is one of the Flame Haze, along with Ferdie and Irving, who are stationed at Hawaii Outlaw branch before the attack of Révolution's group during late 19th century. He is very proud of his sword. With Harry Smith's cooperation as a spy, the Outlaw is destroyed by the Denizens. George, angry at Harry's betrayal, kills him and is going to kill his sister. He is then stopped and killed by Claude Taylor.

Ji ChongEdit

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Ji Chong is the Chinese Flame Haze member of Shanghai Outlaw headquarter or the Kuilunhui. During the infiltration of Bal Masqué's Jaegers in Central Asia two years ago, he was in charge of sending Flame Haze to search for them; the said Flame Haze include Dede and Liu Yang. He is killed in the batttle with Bal Masqué at Shanghai Outlaw headquarter.

Fan XunEdit

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Fan Xun is the Chinese Flame Haze member of Shanghai Outlaw headquarter or the Kuilunhui. He sacrifices himself to bury Crimson Denizens, who make an ambush from the underground, alive.

Cecilia RodrigoEdit

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She is the monomaniac Flame Haze who appears in a side story called "Verger", which happens years before the main story. Her title is the "Knitter of Thorn Gate"

Clemens RottEdit

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He is the partner of Cecilia Rodrigo. He holds the title: "Piercer of Hidden Arms".


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Nam is the Flame Haze who lives in the Central Asia Outlaw branch known as Guyaku. She is the ancient Flame Haze who is known for her kindness toward both sides: Flame Haze and Denizens.


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Alma is the Flame Haze who Pietro once flirted with.


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Holmès is the Flame Haze who is tasked as the deputy commander under Ernest Flieder during Bal Masqué's assault on Tokyo Outlaw headquarter.


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Glinka is the Russian Flame Haze who leads his band of army in the second Great War. His fate after Flama Haze Army loses is left unknown.


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Dede is the Turkish Flame Haze who appears in exclusive side story Juggle. He is Liu Yang's partner during their mission to search for Jaegers.

Liu YangEdit

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Liu Yang is the Chinese Flame Haze who teams up with Dede. He stays at Guyaku waiting for his partner's return. After long waiting he goes searching and fights with Mare and Sabrac. He is ultimately killed by Sabrac after a half an hour fight. He is also known as the "Winder of Dew Blades".

Heart of SkyEdit

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One of the oldest Flame Haze who joined the battle (see Ancient War) against the Snake of the Festival and one of the few who know the true cause behind the distortion between two worlds. He is also a teacher of the four Native American Flame Haze widely known as the Four Gods of Earth.

Norman PurcellEdit

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Norman Purcell is the English Flame Haze who attended the Flame Haze's Civil War during the nineteenth century.

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