"Grab hold of the reason you were able to stand once more within your heart. If you are a Flame Haze, see reality and take action against it."
—CenterHill to a panicked Flame Haze.

CenterHill (センターヒル Sentāhiru?) is a Native-American Flame Haze who, with the other three, are known as the Four Gods of Earth. He has the title "Invoker of Brightened Dew" (皓露の請い手 Kōro no Koite?) and is widely known as a top class Flame Haze who could easily battle an army with his comrades. He and Tlaloc, his contracted Crimson Lord, are widely feared by many Denizens, calling him and the other three Gods of Earth "monsters". The four prefer calling themselves by their own self-styled names; in CenterHill's case, he is called "The Man Who Walks with Rain" (雨と渡り行く男 Ame to Watari yuku Otoko?), referring to his ability.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

CenterHill is a fairly short, well-built man who appears to be middle-aged. He has a slightly dark complexion and has his straight brown hair cut short and slicked back on his head. His face is clearly defined with a broad nose and large eyebrows.

CenterHill wears a green-brown tunic-like shirt with brown pants. The shirt has a small, brown, poncho-like collar. He ties a green cloth around his waist like a belt.

Personality[edit | edit source]

CenterHill feels strongly for the need to protect the "greater world"; that being the linkage of the human world, the Crimson Realm, and the Rift.

Background[edit | edit source]

When he was human, CenterHill was a shaman who inherited a secret ritual to vanquish evil spirits.

CenterHill, along with the other three Gods of Earth, heard the voices of the Crimson Lords whom they revered as "gods" and ventured to the place called "Heart of the Earth" (大地の心臓 Daichi no Shinzō?), where they were trained and polished by a person named Heart of Sky (宙の心臓 Sora no Shinzō?), to be the Flame Haze that will protect their fellow natives and destroy Crimson Denizens who wreaks havoc on their land.

CenterHill runs one of the Outlaw branches in the United States after the clash between the Four Gods of Earth and fellow Flame Haze known as the Civil War.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Seireiden Battle Arc[edit | edit source]

CenterHill appearing at the Zurich Outlaw

CenterHill appears at the Zurich Outlaw, revealing himself to Sophie Sawallisch and Samuel Demantius as they are about to leave to attack Seireiden, shocking the two. At the Zurich Airport, CenterHill tells Sophie that he will evaluate the situation of the ongoing Second Great War as a representative of the Four Gods. He points out to Sophie that the Crimson Lords that Flame Haze make contracts with and the Crimson Denizens that cause harm are both part of the world's providence and states that he wants to see what the God of Creation is trying to accomplish. CenterHill says he will intervene if the God tries to change the providence. When Sophie says there is still a possibility of him helping the Flame Haze Army, he smiles. Sophie accepts his request and gives him a place in the party. CenterHill later begins to board a plane with Samuel, Sophie and François Auric. He gathers some of the papers that François had dropped.[1]

On board the flight towards the location of Seireiden, CenterHill hears Sophie's concerns, as they were flying based on the location of the dimensional distortion of the Divine Gate, which might be Bal Masqué's plan.[2]

As the group reaches the Estimated Time of Arrival, Sophie makes a speech to CenterHill and the others about their need to end the battle quickly and set an example for later Flame Haze generations.[3]

CenterHill on Žižka's Mound

After exiting the plane and entering the raging blizzard around Seireiden, CenterHill meets up with Sophie, Samuel and François atop of Samuel's Žižka's Mound tower stronghold. They watch the battle between their Flame Haze forces and Bal Masqué's Denizen forces through an Unrestricted Spell. The Flame Haze are at an advantage after their surprise attack and François uses his power to display all of the activity in the surrounding area, showing that two groups of enemy forces are approaching. CenterHill later feels the tremors as Decarabia appears on the battlefield.[4]

CenterHill watches on with Sophie and François as the Flame Haze forces lose their advantage due to the arrival of Haborym's army.[5]

CenterHill sensing the Faint Heaven Quake

Sophie comments on the bad situation and advises CenterHill to withdraw. CenterHill and Tlaloc decide not to as they haven't seen what the Snake of the Festival is trying to accomplish. He then informs her that he feels something strange coming from inside the Divine Gate, or rather, from the other side. CenterHill and the others later feel the Faint Heaven Quake, a cataclysm caused by the awakening of the Snake of the Festival, which was what CenterHill was sensing. He then watches on as the awakened Crimson God breaks through the Divine Gate.[6]

CenterHill at the Flame Haze Army meeting

After the Snake of the Festival's declaration of creating Xanadu, CenterHill is shocked. He later goes with Sophie and François to rendezvous with the others in the Flame Haze Army. They talk of a retreat but CenterHill points out that it will be difficult to carry out with their current situation and manpower. This prompts Sophie to explain about Operation Ebbing Tide, where they will retreat to Tendōkyū. After the operation commences, CenterHill stays with Sophie as they retreat. He then listens to another speech by the Snake of the Festival, saying that he will take the Denizens and leave for Xanadu. She watches as the demoralized Flame Haze are slaughtered by the Denizens.[7]

CenterHill facing Sydonay after losing his arm

After CenterHill and the few remaining Flame Haze retreat to a small clearing, Sophie announces that they will abandon Ebbing Tide and instead hold back the Denizen army while guiding the lost Flame Haze to Tendōkyū. CenterHill asks all the present Flame Haze if he inquire about something, saying that depending on the answer, he and Tlaloc will assist in the escape. He tells them the Heart of Sky had told the Four Gods the true cause of the storm in the Rift; Denizens changing humans into the unstable energy that is Power of Existence. He says that he and the Four Gods will fight the Snake of the Festival, with Shana giving the reason that the human world, the Crimson Realm, and the Rift are all part of a greater world, with the Denizens moving to Xanadu likely of creating another catastrophe. CenterHill hears Shana say that she will fight in the coming battle. Because of this, CenterHill speaks with Shana alone and asks her to pass a message on to the other Gods of Earth. Later, CenterHill activates his Unrestricted Spell, Tlalocan, which dissolves Haborym's Keiryōgen. On the battlefield, CenterHill tells a defeated Flame Haze to make his way to Samuel's tower, when the two are confronted by a Denizen army. CenterHill uses his quick speed and striking to defeat the army with ease. He later meets Samuel at the tower, reporting that the Flame Haze in the surrounding area have been rescued. Samuel says that the job is only half done and they both hope that it will go well. Samuel turns to CenterHill, but he is gone. He then appears in front of Sydonay, who was flying in his Manticore form during his battle with Shana and Wilhelmina and punches him in the gut. CenterHill and the other two Flame Haze clash with Sydonay before he deduces that they are hiding the Tendōkyū. Sydonay throws an extended Shintetsu Nyoi at where he thinks Tendōkyū is hidden and orders it to pierce through. CenterHill gets in the way and the Treasure Tool rips his left arm off before being intercepted by Margery. CenterHill, Shana and Wilhelmina go over to her after she restrains Sydonay with an Unrestricted Spell. CenterHill tells them that he can't stop Tlalocan, that they should make the enemy think that the real Tendōkyū has escaped, and that he and Samuel need enough time to confuse them as to which direction the Flame Haze will retreat. Sydonay breaks the Unrestricted Spell, but Chiara Toscana arrives on her arrow and escapes with Margery, Wilhelmina and Shana, leaving only Sydonay and CenterHill. CenterHill is killed by Sydonay.[8]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Samuel Demantius[edit | edit source]

CenterHill visits Samuel before his death in the battle against Sydonay, where they both hope that their actions will go well, hinting that they were both aware in a sense that they would both sacrifice themselves to allow the Flame Haze Army to escape.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Power of Existence Awareness: While present at the battle between the Flame Haze forces and Haborym's army at Seireiden, CenterHill was able to sense the awakened Snake of the Festival on the other side of the Divine Gate long before the other Flame Haze.[6]

Hand-to-Hand Combatant: CenterHill seems to have some close combat abilities, but does not excel in this, according to SouthValley. Out of the Four Gods of Earth, he least excels in combat and fighting. CenterHill mostly utilizes palm strikes, which can completely knock out an average Denizen, but also uses punches and kicks. He is also able to avoid attacks with relative ease.

Unrestricted Spells[edit | edit source]

A Denizen becoming a tree

Tlalocan (トラロカン Torarokan?): Named after one of the level of heavens in Aztec mythology and controlled by Tlaloc, this unique Power of Unrestraint invokes heavy rain onto the surrounding area, interfering with every means of distant communication. In this area, CenterHill is able to transport himself from place to place with extraordinary speed, to the point where his movement appears to even a fellow Flame Haze as barely noticeable flashes. He can also summon hailstorms to attack enemies. Denizens who are killed in Tlalocan will automatically be turned into plants and greeneries, changing their remaining Power of Existence into a stable state.[8]

Hishō (飛翔?, Flight): CenterHill levitates and flies during the mostly airborne battle with Sydonay by using Power of Existence.[8][9]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • (To himself): "The road to life exists only at the end of death."[1]
  • (To the surviving Flame Haze): "We, the Four Gods of Earth, will fight against the selfish mind creating a new, innocent world."[8]
  • (To a panicked Flame Haze): "Grab hold of the reason you were able to stand once more within your heart. If you are a Flame Haze, see reality and take action against it."[8]
  • (To Sydonay after he is told that he will die): "Yes, and I don't plan to let you do anything as long as my strength remains."[8]
  • (CenterHill's message to the other Gods of Earth, as delivered by Shana): "I will move you by sacrificing myself. I've become a raindrop. My friends. The decision to fight isn't wrong."[8][10]

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Notes[edit | edit source]

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