A Crimson Denizen (紅世の徒, Guze no Tomogara), also simply called Denizen (徒, Tomogara), is an inhabitant of the Crimson World. Through unknown means, they travel from their world to this world and some assume either human, animal or other forms. Because of the nature of their existence, they can't survive on Earth without a constant supply of Power of Existence. Because of this, they devour humans by absorbing their Power of Existence.

Most Crimson Denizens are mostly evil entities who usually do not care for the balance of the two worlds, collecting and using Power of Existence for their own purposes. Unfortunately for the few that respect and do not seek to upset the balance, some Flame Haze do not distinguish between them, and thus become targets. As in human world, some Denizens will stand out and are known as (Crimson) Lords (王, Ō?).

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