Bubble Loot (バブルルート Babururūto?) is a Treasure Tool belonged to Friagne. It renders any weapon-type Treasure Tools it touched powerless, earning itself a nickname Weapon-killer (武器殺し Buki Goroshi?).


Bubble Loot is one of Friagne's favorite Treasure Tools from his massive collection. It is a vital Treasure Tool he used to render Flame Haze's weapons useless, making them confused for a moment, while finishing them off with Trigger Happy.

Normally, it has a form of a golden coin. When he flips it, the coin leaves afterimages along with its trajectory; the continuous afterimages then materialized as a golden chain with the coin at the end. The chain is considered unbreakable as it negates any power the weapons hold. It is also effective in attacking enemies from a distance or in disarming them before launching an attack. It was used to wrap Shana's sword, Nietono no Shana, in a battle between Friagne and her, forcing her to move forward to attack Friagne. The plan failed because Yuji came in and asked her to move back as Friagne wanted to attack her using the Dance Party.


  • Bubble Loot could also be translated as Bubble Route (referring to its trajectory that forms the chain) since they have the same pronunciation in Japanese.


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