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Brocken Fortress (ブロッケン要塞 Burokken Yōsai?) was a fortress constructed in Europe during the Middle Ages by Töten Glocke to be their stronghold. The fortress was named as such in association with the highest peak of the low Harz mountain range, the Brocken, where the fortress was built.


The Brocken Fortress was located at the boundary of the Central Uplands and the North German Plain, west of Wernigerode and east of Goslar. The fortress had many towers, so its shape resembled a crown on top of the mountain.

At the foot of this mountain, the final battles of the Great War took place, and the Brocken Fortress was destroyed by Alastor, who had manifested as the God of Retribution through the Divine Summoning Tenpa Jōsai.



Töten Glocke
Leader Asiz
Nine Eternal Divine Scales MolechChernobogUllikummiSokarNinurtaHuwawaJarriMerihimIlluyanka
Others Alraune
Conflicts Great War
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