The Berwald Group adjutant was a character in Eternal Song. He was the assistant of Karl Berwald before and during the Great War.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The adjutant's appearance in later chapters of Eternal Song.

The adjutant had light colored medium-length hair with his fringe parted in the middle and wore a headband on his forehead. He wore armor plates over his garments on his chest and hips, gloves, and a long cape.

His design varies between the earlier and later chapters of Eternal Song:

  • In the early chapters, the adjutant's hair covered his ears, his headband was thinner, and his cape came down to his thighs.
  • In the later chapters, the adjutant's hair exposed his ears, his headband was thicker, and his cape came down to his ankles.

Personality[edit | edit source]

The adjutant was responsible and sought to do the right thing in terms of military operations. He was shown handling the communication between the Berwald and Sawallisch Groups and tried to follow Sophie's orders.

Background[edit | edit source]

The adjutant was already assigned to Karl a few years before the Great War. He oversaw the training of troops with Karl but couldn't persuade him to practice anything other than charging.[1]

Plot[edit | edit source]

The adjutant charging into Monument Stronghold after Karl.

As the Berwald Group faced Sokar and his Monument Stronghold at the beginning of the Great War, the adjutant tried reasoning with Karl to follow Sophie's strategy of sending small waves into the forest, but he was ignored by Karl. Reluctantly, he charged into Monument Stronghold after Karl with the rest of the Berwald Group. During the battle inside, the adjutant ordered troops to fly out of the forest, but they were killed by Jarri's Sabaeru Kaze. While in the forest, the adjutant wasn't struck by any of Sokar's attacks.[2] After Karl destroyed Sokar and the Berwald Group was ordered to retreat by Sophie, the adjutant had to restrain Karl from going off into battle again.[3]

The adjutant was later seen trying to stop Karl from leading their forces in pursuit of a retreating army on Töten Glocke's side. Karl had gotten ahead of the adjutant and the remainder of the Berwald Group, who were blocked from him by Orgon's Legion. A messenger from the Sawallisch Group ordered them to cease their pursuit, and the adjutant promised to grab Karl and retreat. The adjutant saw the explosion that resulted from Karl's death at the hands of Sydonay's Shintetsu Nyoi.[4] It is unknown whether the adjutant survived the Great War.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Karl Berwald[edit | edit source]

The adjutant often advised Karl about orders from his superior Sophie and made suggestions to him, but Karl largely ignored him. He was often left in dismay at Karl's decisions but kept following him.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

The adjutant wielded a sword into battle.[2] He was likely not very strong, as he along with the Berwald Group troops had great difficulty against the Legion soldiers.[4]

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