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"When they are vessels that cannot manipulate Power of Existence, they are nothing but mere humans."
—Bel Peol to Sydonay about the Flame Haze.

Bel Peol (ベルペオル Berupeoru?) is a Crimson Lord and one of the leaders of the Crimson Denizen organization Bal Masqué. Her true name is "Arbiter of Reverse Reasoning" or "Judge of Paradoxes" (逆理の裁者 Gyakuri no Saisha?). As one of the Trinity of Bal Masqué, formerly entitled as the "Strategist" (軍師 Gunshi?), she has changed her position to the "Chief of Staff" (参謀 Sanbō?) instead of her former, old-fashioned one. She does not directly get involved in fights and confrontations but forms strategies and creates battle plans for Bal Masqué. During the creation of the Great Binding Chain in ancient times, she was known as "Xi Mu" (西母 Seibo?, Pinyin: Xī Mŭ).[1]


Noizi Itō's depiction of Bel Peol in the Light Novels

Bel Peol takes the form of a beautiful, long, straight-haired woman clad in a grey dress. Her dress turns out at the bottom, has a line of light-grey fur at the top and exposes her collarbone and arms. On her right arm, she wears an evening glove which almost comes up to her elbow, and on her left arm, one that goes over her elbow, with both gloves exposing her fingers. Both have the same fur at the top as the dress. On her right wrist she wears two golden bracelets, while on her left she wears a large cylindrical silver-metal armband. On her right upper-arm she wears a thick metal ring, which has a chain attached to it, the other side of the chain attached to her armband, with the length of the chain wrapped around her body. On her hip, Bel Peol wears a belt made from gold, oval segments. On her waist, she wears another belt, this one being black with golden circles inscribed in it. On her neck, she wears a black cloth, which has a cross-shaped pattern at the centre of her neck, and has a gold necklace attached to the bottom. On her ears, she wears large, circular earrings. She also wears black high-heel shoes.

Bel Peol has three golden eyes, but her right eye is covered by a patch, lost during the war during the sealing the God of Creation. She has two of her eyes in normal, humanoid positions, with her last one on her forehead. The eyepatch is black, with a red rim and three red circles in the middle. She would discard the eyepatch after regaining her lost eye along with her God.

Bel Peol's appearance differs between the anime and the light novels. In the light novels, Bel Peol doesn't wear earrings, armbands or bracelets, and her dress and gloves are black, with the fur dark-grey. She also wears flat shoes instead of the high-heels she wears in the anime. In the anime, Bel Peol has light purple hair, whereas in the light novels, she has brown hair.


Bel Peol is a scheming character that would have no qualms in manipulating her unsuspecting subordinates and sending them off to die. Apparently she also has a gift for engendering loyalty in her subordinates, such as Vine, as she is capable of inspiring them to perform obviously dangerous tasks on her behalf. She has shown that she cares for the wellbeing of her colleagues as she tries to save Sabrac after he was defeated by Khamsin, Wilhelmina and Rebecca. She normally maintains a cold and calculating composure when commanding the operations of Bal Masqué. However, during rare occasions she acts flustered around Yūji Sakai/Snake of the Festival, hinting at feelings towards the Mystes (or rather, towards the God co-inhabiting his body) that go beyond loyalty. Her strategic skills are balanced by the power from her personal Treasure Tool, Tartaros, to bind enemies and cut off the cause and effect of enemies, including a Flame Haze's power. It can also teleport Denizens and create a barrier.


Ancient War[]

In the far past, the Snake of the Festival received many prayers from Denizens to create a new world for themselves. He answers those wishes by launching the ritual to build a small bounded world called the Great Binding Chain (大縛鎖 Daibakusa?), which will be a living paradise for all Denizens in the world. But the process required a great amount of humans to complete, the ancient Flame Haze, including Tis and Khamsin, intercepted and disturbed the ritual thus creating the massive distortion that backfired upon the body of the Snake of the Festival and sealed him inside the rift between two worlds.

In that moment, Bel Peol took out her right eye and sent it to him. This object is later known as the Banner (旗標 Hatajirushi?), which acts as a transmitter for the Snake to send his special Unrestricted Spell, Psalm of Grand Order, to his Priestess and perform the famous "Grand Order".

Sovereign's Game[]

Bel Peol acted as the supervisor of the Sovereign's Game, the proxy war between Denizen Organizations which drove some humans to become Flame Haze, including Samuel Demantius.

Great War[]

Bal Masqué was involved in the Great War as the support army but did not participated directly. Bel Peol and Hecate observed the activation of the pivot Unrestricted Spell of the Töten Glocke leader Asiz. It was implied that Dantalion, during his stay at Seireiden, took a portion of the unfinished Psalm of Grand Order out with him and, unintentionally, it reached Asiz who used it for his own desire (to create the "Heir to Both Worlds"). Bel Peol intended to destroy a portion of her master's spell with Hecate's help but Alastor successfully annihilated both Asiz and his plan beforehand. Bal Masqué then left the battlefield without helping the remnants of Töten Glocke, killing a few talented Flame Haze like Karl Berwald in the progress.


The Girl from Tendōkyū Arc[]

Bel Peol giving Vine a key

During Vine's mission to find Tendōkyū and prevent the succession of the "Flame-Haired Blazing-Eyed Hunter", Bel Peol had given him a key, which contained the Unrestricted Spell Gordian Knot.[2]

As Vine's Gordian Knot activates at Tendōkyū, Bel Peol is elsewhere, standing on a pool of water. She senses that someone had died and smiles.[3]

At Seireiden during the present time, Bel Peol sits in a room with Sydonay and Hecate, with Sydonay telling the other two that Yūji has the Reiji Maigo inside him.[2]

"Mobilizer of Ceremonial Equipment" Arc[]

Bel Peol after Sydonay tells her he likes Hecate's innocence

At Seireiden, Sydonay comments to Bel Peol that the place is empty. Bel Peol says that they will make the Seireiden a container for the Reiji Maigo and Hecate, with Hecate agreeing to the plan. She explains to Sydonay that the plan won't endanger Hecate, but make her an "eternal existence". Later, the two see a flame, which allows the "Seeking Researcher" Dantalion to contact them. He tells them that preparations are underway.[4]

Dantalion returns to Seireiden after his attack on Misaki City fails, meeting up with Bel Peol. She states that she had told him not to overdo it and that his job was to get the bases ready, but his experiment was a success and Bel Peol is pleased.[5]

Bal Masqué Arc[]

Bel Peol leaving after Sydonay blocks Wilhelmina's attack on Yūji

Bel Peol enters the Seireiden church room, meeting Sydonay and Hecate. She tells a confused Sydonay that Hecate isn't seeking anything but will be sought after when the blue insignia is activated. She again states to Sydonay that Hecate will become an "eternal existence", with a vast amount of Power of Existence. Bel Peol thinks to herself that the fountain of Power of Existence is almost complete. Later, a Fūzetsu is placed in Misaki City, when the gold birds from the Misago Festival were being burned, with Seireiden descending near the ground. Bel Peol leaves and confronts Wilhelmina and Shana. She greets them as the two Flame Haze get ready for battle. She reveals Bal Masqué's plan of creating a fountain of Existence. Bel Peol leaves as Wilhelmina attempts to attack the Reiji Maigo and Yūji, only to be blocked by Sydonay.[6]

Bel Peol and Sydonay watching Wilhelmina and Shana approach

Back at Seireiden, Bel Peol tells Sydonay to stop worrying about Hecate because she will be fulfilled with Power of Existence. She informs him that nothing will contaminate Hecate's purity as it is necessary for their blue insignia. Bel Peol then leaves to check on the Reiji Maigo's preparations. Later, she and the rest of the Trinity watch a statue-like Yūji in the Seireiden engine room. Bel Peol tells Hecate to synchronize with the Reiji Maigo then leaves the room with Sydonay. Outside the room, she tells the disapproving Sydonay that synchronizing is a power only Hecate has. Bel Peol explains that Hecate is absorbing the Reiji Maigo's Power of Existence, with it overflowing from the Seireiden like a never-ending fountain. She thinks of the power she will gain from the fountain, but notices that Sydonay is still worried about Hecate. Bel Peol and Sydonay then watch Shana and Wilhelmina approach the Seireiden.[7]

Bel Peol arriving and seeing Shana leaving

Bel Peol sits in a room with Sydonay and wonders how long Shana and Wilhelmina can last against a horde of Dominos without their Flame Haze powers. She comments that the blue insignia is almost complete and later sees an excessive amount of existence come out of the fountain. After Margery arrives and destroys Dantalion's machine, which was restricting the Flame Haze's powers, Sydonay leaves to confront Margery and Bel Peol prepares to confront Shana and Wilhelmina with her Treasure Tool, Tartaros. She attacks them from a distance with Tartaros, but Shana is able to move ahead. Bel Peol arrives and confronts Wilhelmina.[8]

Bel Peol using Tartaros to fight Wilhelmina

Bel Peol uses Tartaros to combat Wilhelmina's ribbons, scratching her and delivering a blow to her abdomen. She walks up to the Flame Haze, who is on her knees in pain. Bel Peol hits Wilhelmina again and this time, she loses her Persona mask and lies on the ground. Bel Peol walks past her to go to where Hecate is, but Wilhelmina stops her with a ribbon. She later notices that the Fountain of Existence had stopped, as result of Yūji destroying Dantalion's machine. Bel Peol abandons her fight with Wilhelmina after she hears Hecate's screams. Outside, with Hecate's discharged Power of Existence all around, Bel Peol claims that it's time for her to leave. As Shana uses Tenpa Jōsai to save Misaki City from all of the existence, Bel Peol teleports away.[9]

"Village of Jestful Slumber" Arc[]

In a prayer room, Bel Peol and Sydonay sit while Hecate prays.[10]

Bel Peol and Sydonay sit in a room of a castle which serves as a temporary residence for Bal Masqué, which Bel Peol thinks is pathetic. Sydonay tells her that he's leaving to do his job, telling Bel Peol not to do anything strange to Hecate.[11]

The Bel Peol copy blocking Shana's attack

Meanwhile, in Misaki City, Mare uses her Gemeinde to create a copy of Bel Peol, which does battle with Shana. The copy is able to use Tartaros to deliver a blow to Shana's abdomen, and as the Flame Haze tries to save Yūji from Mare's attacks, the Bel Peol copy is able to hit her numerous more times and wrap the Nietono no Shana with Tartaros. As Mare is rejected by the Reiji Maigo's Kaikin, the copy of Bel Peol fades away.[11]

Later, Bel Peol looks out the window as Fumina Konoe is transferred to Yūji's class.[11]

Fumina Konoe Arc[]

Bel Peol looks out the window again as Fecor asks her if the plan is going well. She responds that everything is going well.[12]

"Colorful Wave" Arc[]

Bel Peol breaking one of Tartaros' links

Bel Peol is in Dantalion's factory, stroking Tartaros while Fecor and Dantalion look at the The Silver's armor, which is missing its left arm and head. Fecor concludes that someone is using the Taimei Shihen and preventing them from teleporting all of The Silver, making Bel Peol think of Lamies. Nevertheless, she says that it's impossible. Both she and Hecate conclude that the original owner of the Reiji Maigo is at the Seishū Festival, which Dantalion agrees to. She then says that the Faux Vessel has already fulfilled its role and that it is time to bow out. She breaks a link of Tartaros, simultaneously breaking Fumina and her butler's bracelets.[13]

Scars from the Storm Arc[]

Back in Dantalion's factory, Bel Peol looks at the entire armor of the Silver with the others. After Hecate returns Fumina's bracelet to Tartaros, Bel Peol asks how they went, with Fecor reporting that he and Hecate had failed in killing the Mystes of the Reiji Maigo. Bel Peol doesn't mind and watches as Hecate makes the Silver move. Hecate later makes it move again, making Bel Peol claim that they have completed their preparations.[14]

Grand Order Arc[]

Bel Peol stating the beginning of her plan

Bel Peol hires Sabrac to go to Misaki City. He returns to Dantalion's factory, where Bel Peol tells him that he did a good job. She doesn't mind that he couldn't kill the Flame Haze because their original goal was achieved. After Sabrac leaves, she looks at the Silver and states to Hecate and Sydonay they will begin their plan.[15]

In Misaki City, Bel Peol had sealed off Power of Existence within the ground with pieces of Tartaros. As Hecate and The Silver break the seals, Bel Peol, who is at the temporary residence, sees Tartaros revert to its normal state and confirms that the first stage of her plan is finished. She tells Fecor that they are just getting started.[16]

Bel Peol and Fecor watch a projection of the Statue of Pride as it begins to awaken. She wonders whether things will continue to go as planned, as they are going to change the laws of the world. They later watch as the Statue is destroyed, with Bel Peol saying that the world's laws are inflexible.[17]

Blackout Arc[]

Bel Peol waits for the completion of the Psalm of Grand Order while leading the Bal Masqué, destroying potential enemies to pave a path for her master's return. When the last part is activated, a Mystes is chosen to be the suitable substitute for his temporal return. Bel Peol greets him and addresses him as "Snake of the Festival" Yūji Sakai as he requests and then she accompanies him to Seireiden.

In the starry throne room of Seireiden, Bel Peol walks with Fecor and Hecate behind their new leader, the Snake of the Festival Yūji Sakai. She stops at the beginning of the flight of stairs and bows. Yūji goes to the top and orders Seireiden to travel west.[18]

The Snake of the Festival telling a flustered Bel Peol that his human body isn't bad

Bel Peol is with the Snake of the Festival, Hecate and Rofocale at a snowy mountain range. She listens to Hecate and the Snake of the Festival talk about the winter, with the Snake concluding that its pleasures are the reason Bal Masqué has persevered without him. The three listen to Rofocale's poem, before Yūji asks Bel Peol about Stolas, who she says is Sydonay's courier. She tells him that the Shanghai Outlaw has been destroyed. She then asks if Yūji will go after Shana, which he says he will because of the threat Alastor is to their ambition. She bows but questions why the Snake of the Festival chose Yūji instead of the Silver and why he is obsessed with Alastor and Shana. The Snake holds Bel Peol's hand, making her flustered, and tells her that he won't fail in his ambition again for his followers, touching her eyepatch and telling her that the human body he is inhabiting isn't bad because he can feel the "world". Then, Fecor arrives using his Magnesia and reports that the Snake's ceremony is ready, prompting him to decide to return to Seireiden. They return by way of the entrance hall, with Bel Peol and Hecate watching as Yūji defeats Ribesal. Bel Peol announces to the mass of Denizens that they will announce their ambition, before a projection of Dantalion appears. After the projection disappears, Bel Peol begins explaining the plan.[19]

Biding Time Arc[]

Bel Peol at the war council

Bel Peol holds a war council, telling the mass of Denizens the two points of her plan; attacking enemy strongholds and intercepting enemies from multiple locations. She watches the other Denizens and Lords argue, before telling the crowd to start open discussions about the plan. . Later, Bel Peol meets up with Sydonay at a spring, where he asks her about their Leader, the Snake of the Festival. She tells him that their ambition hasn't met any obstacles and that Lamies will be arriving soon. She says that the Snake of the Festival will stop Yūji if he interferes with their plan. Sydonay asks where the Leader is, with Bel Peol seeing what he is implying and telling him that Hecate is not with him. The two meet up with Fecor and he connects the two to Domino and Dantalion using his Trivia. Dantalion tells Bel Peol that they are ready to start the second stage of their ambition, but starts to get annoying, so Bel Peol signals Fecor and he breaks Trivia's connection. Bel Peol then meets Sydonay and Hecate, telling the former that he can be bold.[20]

Bel Peol and Hecate listening to Yūji's speech

Bel Peol appears in Shana's room at Seireiden after Yūji saves her from Hecate, telling the latter that she did a terrible job. Later, Bel Peol is in Dantalion's engine room, where Lamies looks at Bal Masqué's insignia and sees something wrong. It is similar to the Tyrants' ability to absorb. Bel Peol later attends Yūji's speech to countless Denizens, before entering the Divine Gate with Yūji, Hecate and Sydonay.[21]

Seireiden Battle Arc[]

Bel Peol enters the Abyss with Yūji, Hecate, Sydonay, Dantalion, Domino, Sabrac, and Rofocale. They go down the Path of Pilgrimage, the narrow path that leads to the Snake of the Festival's true body. Bel Peol explains to Sabrac that they need a marker and a "Priestess" (Hecate) who can link to the marker in order to walk on the path.[22]

Bel Peol and the group stop on a large piece of ground, where they encounter the souls of the Flame Haze that sealed the Snake of the Festival in the Abyss. After the others escape, Bel Peol and Sydonay are left with the souls. Sydonay offers to help Bel Peol but she says she doesn't need it, using her Tartaros to protect herself before obliterating her attackers.[23]

Bel Peol getting her right eye back

Sabrac leaves the group to confront the Flame Haze, with Bel Peol and the others continue towards the Snake of the Festival's true body, entering the temple that houses it. The group arrives at a gate and upon the Leader's orders, Bel Peol opens the gate, regaining her right eye while doing so. On top of the God's body, the group watches Hecate awaken it. They ride the God as it slithers throughout the Abyss. Bel Peol and Hecate watch as Shana approaches them. Bel Peol and the rest of the Trinity state that Shana is dangerous after she threatens the Snake of the Festival with Tenpa Jōsai if he gets rid of Yūji.[24]

Bel Peol announcing that Sabrac has died

Bel Peol and the group watch as Yūji and Shana fight. The Snake of the Festival asks her what how his resurrection would affect the outside and Dantalion responds that it will cause the Cradle Quake. After the Flame Haze defeat Sabrac, Bel Peol attempts to save him with Tartaros, but he doesn't accept her help, wanting to view the Snake of the Festival's true body longer. Bel Peol later announces to the others that Sabrac had died. After the Flame Haze escape from the Abyss on bird Flame Haze souls, Bel Peol, Sydonay and Hecate meet up with Yūji on the head of the Snake of the Festival and they escape the Abyss.[25]

Bel Peol listening to the Snake of the Festival's speech about Xanadu

The Trinity leaves the Snake of the Festival and watch as Fecor dies. Bel Peol bids him farewell. Later, Bel Peol, as well as everyone else in the area, listen to the Snake of the Festival's Declaration of the Grand Order; the creation of Xanadu. Bel Peol is later seen in the Seireiden meeting room, watching the damage inflicted by Khamsin Nbh'w with the Gehinnom and thinking about the history of Bal Masqué.[26]

In the afternoon sunlight, Bel Peol meets up with Sydonay and Yūji after the Flame Haze retreat. She tells Yūji that his true body is fifty-percent stabilized and that they can depart after the sun sets.[27]

Misaki City Final Battle Arc[]

Bel Peol after Yūji reveals he will create Xanadu in Japan

In the Seireiden throne room, Yūji tells Bel Peol that he will make a second declaration to the Denizens and that he will create Xanadu over Japan. Bel Peol then bows and leaves. Later, as Dantalion reboots the Seireiden, Bel Peol and the rest of the Trinity watch Yūji, who orders the Seireiden north-east to Misaki City.[28]

As Kazumi and Yūji arrive on the roof of Misaki Municipal High School, Bel Peol, along with Sydonay, Pirsoyn, Ribesal, Orobas, Leraje, Haborym, Mammon, and Stolas, line up around a carpet to greet her. The carpet leads to Seireiden.[29]

Bel Peol and Mammon watching the Denizens march

As a black Fūzetsu is cast over Misaki City, Bel Peol and the others watch as the other members of Bal Masqué watch Yūji and Kazumi ascend to Seireiden. In the throne room, Bel Peol and Sydonay appear over the Crystal Altar after Yūji summons Bel Peol. Bel Peol notices Kazumi and throws a link of Tartaros at her, before it transforms into a necklace. Yūji tells Kazumi that it will protect her but will seal her Giralda. After Dantalion transforms the Seireiden into the tower-like shrine, Saishuku no Shadan, Yūji asks Bel Peol to take care of the finishing touches. She links Tartaros to the Fūzetsu, which prevents anyone inside the Fūzetsu from getting eaten. In Dantalion's factory, Bel Peol watches the marching towards the ceremony of Xanadu with Mammon. They talk about the day being one to remember and continue to watch as Hecate begins the third step of their ambition.[30]

Bel Peol is in the Seireiden as Khamsin Nbh'w tries to destroy it. Sydonay tells her to take cover and uses an enlarged Shintetsu Nyoi to hold it up. Bel Peol telepathically talks to Sydonay about the Hyakki Yakō after they arrive and join up with Khamsin.[31]

Bel Peol thinking that the explosion was a trap

A Denizen informs Bel Peol of a pink-colored explosion in the middle sector of the Saishuku no Shadan. There are no signs of intruders and electricity was also present elsewhere in the shrine, making her think that Rebecca Reed and Sophie Sawallisch were attacking, but she suspects a trap. She decides to dispatch a search party and assumes that the explosion was preset by sending them to investigate rather than to intercept. After dispatching the party, she is then contacted by another Denizen, who wishes to assign her with bodyguards in case of an emergency. She states that they aren't needed because she has completed her preparation tasks and that it is too late for the Flame Haze, no matter what they do.[32]

Bel Peol watches as Shana is able to hit the World Egg with her Chorde rings. She wonders why they didn't destroy the egg.[33]

Bel Peol finishes the final preparations for the Taimei Shihen by activating the Conloquium. Hecate says that she is sick, causing Sydonay to discover that the Flame Haze tampered with the Conloquium, to Bel Peol's anger.[34]

Bel Peol and the Snake of the Festival leaving for Xanadu

Outside Saishuku no Shadan, the Snake of the Festival explains Bel Peol's ambition; to give him the power of unlimited creation by using the Reiji Maigo to make centuries worth of distortions created by Denizens his. Bel Peol watches as the Snake of the Festival undergoes Saiki Reisō before sensing Rofocale performing Shōhi Ginsei. She tries to prevent herself from hearing Shaher, to no avail, wondering why two Divine Summonings are happening at the same time. Shaher tells everyone in the area about the Heir to Both Worlds. As the Snake of the Festival creates the path to Xanadu, Bel Peol is surprised that he hadn't corrected the insignia placed in the World Egg by the Flame Haze. The Snake of the Festival tells her that the Denizens have accepted this change. She argues that he could have still overwritten it, but he says that everyone looked sad. She laughs before accepting his decision. Bel Peol then leaves to meet up with him to leave for Xanadu. At Saishuku no Shadan, she reports to the Leader and Sydonay that fighting has ceased, with the latter allowing her to summon the troops. Upon the Leader's order, Bel Peol uses Tartaros to summon Ribesal. She tells him that Bal Masqué is temporarily disbanded before also summoning his Jaeger, Pirsoyn, when Sydonay notices Ribesal's reluctance to leave for the new world alone. After most of the Denizens leave for Xanadu, the Leader orders his major subordinates to live in Xanadu. Bel Peol then uses Tartaros to separate the Snake of the Festival and Yūji. She comments to Yūji that he isn't asking for their help in his next battle and tells him frankly that she doesn't think he can win against Shana. When Yūji voices his determination despite knowing the odds against him, Bel Peol gives him the Tartaros fragment which controls the Fūzetsu protecting Misaki City as a parting gift, knowing that the Mystes would know how best to utilize it to further his goals. Sydonay tells the two that he will stay with Yūji. As Bel Peol and the Snake of the Festival leave for Xanadu, the latter tells the Flame Haze to rejoice because their law has been integrated into the new world and that their fight and wish was meaningful.[35]

Other Appearances[]

Anime Appearances[]

Shakugan no Shana-tan[]

In the third episode, Bel Peol is in Seireiden with Sydonay and Hecate-tan, dressed as a Misaki Municipal High School student. Hecate-tan tells her that the place smells like an old man, making Sydonay crumple to the floor. Bel Peol teases him by saying he is conscientious of it.[36]

In the seventh episode, Bel Peol is the madam of a brothel and does the dishes, telling Sabrac to go home to his wife. He tells her to shut up and that he will pay money.[37]

Bel Peol as a teacher

In the eighth episode, Bel Peol acts as a teacher at Misaki Municipal High School in a Naze Nani Shana-tan class. Shana-tan asks her what Hecate is doing when Fumina gives her the memories she had while hanging out with Yūji and the others. Bel Peol gives a long and complicated explanation that Yūji doesn't understand, which puts Shana-tan to sleep. She then reveals Fumina's memories as a delinquent, challenging and defeating Sydonay, who was her teacher. Bel Peol then states that it was 'something like that'. Later, Shana-tan asks Bel Peol what was inside the blue field that Hecate creates when she pulls the Reiji Maigo out of Yūji. She provides another long explanation that Shana-tan doesn't understand, which puts Yūji to sleep. Bel Peol then puts simply that Bal Masqué was trying to create a Denizen in the human world and that the blue field was an egg. Later, Bel Peol challenges her class and they have a brawl outside, before congratulating themselves for a good fight.[38]

Bel Peol proud of her Divine Gate explanation

In the thirteenth episode, Bel Peol again hosts a Naze Nani Shana-tan class, where Shana-tan asks her what Maelstrom of Warfare refers to, to the dismay of most of the other class members. Bel Peol explains that it is like putting "conflict", "warring", "strife", "fighting" and "clash" into a washing machine and switching it on. Kazumi then asks about the Divine Gate, but it is Yūji that answers. As Kazumi becomes distracted by Yūji, Bel Peol gets everyone's attention and explains that the Divine Gate is the entrance to a tunnel-like path that goes to the far reaches of the Abyss, between the Human World and Crimson Realm, that leads to her master, the Snake of the Festival, who is trapped in the Eternal Pitfall. She also brags that her concealed eye was keeping watch of the Eternal Pitfall for the entire time her master was trapped.[39]

"Coexistence" between Flame Haze, Denizens and humans in Xanadu

In the fourteenth episode, there is a parody of Shakugan no Shana Final Episode 18, where Hecate-tan is saying goodbye to Sydonay as she prepares to be the sacrifice for the Divine Summoning at the Saishuku no Shadan. As she complains, Bel Peol arrives and scolds her to go. After Hecate-tan disappears, Sydonay yells at her before Bel Peol kicks him. Later, Bel Peol hosts an extra-big edition of Naze Nani Shana-tan. Yūji starts off by asking about Divine Vessels. After François gets emotional because of the class teasing him about Grogach's Divine Vessel being a spittoon, Bel Peol calms everyone and explains that when humans become Flame Haze, they choose the form of the Divine Vessel, meaning that François is fond of spittoons. Eager to direct the class' criticism elsewhere, François asks about the Iron Giants. Bel Peol explains that they were faithful reproductions of scribbles, or rather, illustrations, that Takahashi-sensei had drawn in a screenplay meeting, with slight changes. She explains to Shana-tan that the character designs for various Bal Masqué members were changed a lot because they were not intimidating. To the ire of the class, Kazumi asks about Xanadu. While Shana-tan goes off on a tangent about a certain video game, Bel Peol explains that it is a copy of the world with an abundance of Power of Existence, and with all the Denizens moving there, humans will no longer be devoured. She says the Flame Haze didn't agree to the plan because it was risky, elaborate, and hadn't been tried before. She explains the Flame Haze's new rule for Xanadu that "human's can't be eaten" was so that there would be coexistence between Flame Haze, Denizens and humans.[40]



Bel Peol is usually on good terms with Sydonay, but often teases him over his affections for Hecate. He often calls her Babā (ババア?)[6], as does Margery in the anime. Babā roughly translates to "old hag". Nevertheless, Bel Peol is able to voice her suspicions of Yūji and the Snake of the Festival to Sydonay.[20]


Bel Peol often hires Sabrac to provide services for Bal Masqué and is quite nice to him, even trying to save his life after he was defeated by the Flame Haze.[25] Despite this, she is probably unaware of him calling her the "Mysterious Three-Eyed Woman" (三眼の女怪 Sangan no Jokai?) when she is not around.

Powers and Abilities[]

Power of Existence Manipulation: Bel Peol was shown to be able to stand on water, a feat that likely uses Power of Existence.[3]

Teleportation: Bel Peol is able to vanish or teleport away from her current location, disappearing after being enveloped by her flame.[6]

Enhanced Strength: In the anime, Bel Peol was able to attack Wilhelmina and Shana with Tartaros, with its weighted head heavy enough to rip through a door and cause indentations on the ground.[8] While using Tartaros, Bel Peol was able to dominate Wilhelmina, causing her Persona mask to fade away.[9]

Keen Intellect: Bel Peol uses her intellect to construct the battle plans for Bal Masqué. She can often tell what others are thinking, figuring out what Sydonay was implying by asking where the Leader was[20], as well as discerning when Yūji summons her that he wants her to seal Kazumi, who was with him, without him talking.[30]

Telepathy: Bel Peol was able to converse with Sydonay, who were far away from him. She was able to hear what he was saying and her words were able to reach Sydonay.[31]

Flight: Bel Peol is capable of flight, evident by her entering Xanadu from the entrance in the sky.[34]

Treasure Tools[]

Bel Peol using Tartaros

Tartaros (タルタロス Tarutarosu?): Tartaros is Bel Peol's primary Treasure Tool in the form of a kusari-fundo. It is a length of chain with a weighted head and is used by Bel Peol in combat. Tartaros also has the ability to store an army of Rinne inside which is very convenient when going on battle. It is also able to deny the cause and effect of anything it binds, allowing it to seal off Flame Haze abilities. Bel Peol used it to seal Shana's ability when she was captured and taken to Seireiden. Tartaros is one of the three instruments for the Grand Order.

Gordian Knot (非常手段ゴルディアン・ノット Gorudian Notto?, lit. Emergency Measure): Bel Peol was in possession of at least two Gordian Knots; Treasure Tools created by Dantalion which contain Unrestricted Spells that are activated when the possessor dies. She has given Gordian Knots to Vine and Bifrons.


Bel Peol was able to create a Tool Type Rinne that is identical to Sabrac and gives it to him as a precaution in the Abyss before he leaves the other members of Bal Masqué to hold off the Flame Haze. She may have also created several other Tool Type Rinne which resemble plants.


  • (To Vine when giving him the key): ""Glazed Eyes" Vine... you have to help me. The insolent fools who kill our allies... and the tools they use to hunt, the Flame Haze. Many, kill many of them for me."[2]
  • (To Wilhelmina and Shana when they get ready to fight her): "Woah, aren't Flame Haze thirsty for blood!"[6]
  • (To Sydonay about Hecate and the Reiji Maigo's synchronization): "I'm sure the Reiji Maigo is surprised too. Hecate's capacity is incomparable to that of others; it's infinite"[7]
  • (To herself about the Fountain of Existence): "This entire city will become a crystal of existence. Has anyone ever gained so much power before? No, I, the Arbiter of Reverse Reasoning, will be the first."[7]
  • (To Sydonay about the Flame Haze): "When they are vessels that cannot manipulate Power of Existence, they are nothing but mere humans."[8]
  • (To herself about the Snake of the Festival and Yūji): "There's no reason for me to suspect our Leader's words. But... Why did he choose the Mystes as his vessel and not the Tyrant? Why is he so obsessed with the "Flame of Heaven" and the "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter"? Could that boy's mind be left in there?"[19]
  • (Bel Peol's farewell to Fecor): "Were you able to see the fruits of our labor before you departed... "Tempest Hoof", Fecor?"[26]
  • (To Sydonay about the Hyakki Yakō and Khamsin): "They have been doing as they wished, but in the end, I turn the tables on everything that bothers me."[31]
  • (To herself about the Flame Haze): "Our enemies are worthy of praise. They continue to entertain me to the very end."[32]
  • (To Yūji before leaving for Xanadu): "Your battle is only just starting, yet you're not asking for help. That's praiseworthy. Yūji Sakai, does this result meet your expectations?" *Yūji answers. "I hardly think you have a chance of winning against her (Shana) now."[35]
  • (Last dialogue of the series): "Hecate. Sydonay. Now I'm getting excited about what to tell you the next time you two wake up. Ah, our Leader, God of Creation "Snake of the Festival", the world you have created is so much..."[41]


  • Bel Peol's fight with Wilhelmina is not considered canon due to the anime's original ending. Mare's illusion may be counted as canon, but the Bel Peol that appears is a fabrication of Mare's Gemeinde.
  • Bel Peol is highly favored by the Snake of the Festival as "the judge of truth, who judges the authenticity of facts."
  • The Snake of the Festival considers the Trinity to be his children and with the demise of Hecate and Sydonay, Bel Peol became what the Snake called "his lonely child", contrasting to her superior in commanding his organization and subordinates flawlessly.
  • Bel-Peol may be a variation of "Baal-Peor", the name of a Moabite god.



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