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Behemoth (ベヘモット Behemotto?) is the Crimson Lord who resides in the bracelet Khamsin wears. His true name is "Steadfast Sharp Peak" (不抜の尖嶺 Fubatsu no Senrei?).


His Divine Vessel takes the form of a beaded bracelet worn by Khamsin.


He speaks like an old man and has the habit of saying "Hmm..." before talking.


With his Flame Haze, his current mission seems not to be the protection the balance of worlds through hunting the Denizens, but instead by re-tuning places where the distortion is too great, such as Misaki city, where Friagne had created so many Torches in his preparation for the City Devouring.

In the novel, it is revealed that he, alongside Khamsin, was one of the oldest Flame Haze who took down the God of Creation, Snake of the Festival, thousands of years ago.


After the Second Great War[]

After losing his contractor, Behemoth returns to the Crimson Realm. In a year after Xanadu's creation, he departs from the Crimson Realm to Xanadu to help the reorganization of the Outlaws; this group includes Behemoth and other former contracted Crimson Lords such as Halphas, Zirnitra, Sentia and Valac which are now called as the Orderists (秩序派 Chitsujō-ha?).



Khamsin is the Flame Haze Behemoth occupies. He has the utmost respect for Khasmin, and has been traveling with him for thousands of years.

Powers and Abilities[]





  • Behemoth is the Hebrew primal beast of the land, with Leviathan being the primal beast of the water and Ziz being the primal beast of the sky. According to legend, Behemoth and Leviathan will battle at the end of the world, and eventually kill each other.
  • Behemoth has the same Geneon English voice actor as Mr. Okada.




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