Barma (バルマ Baruma?) is one of the Crimson Lords serving Bal Masqué. His true name is "Barricade of Transition" (化転の藩障 Katen no Hanshō?)

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Barma takes the form of an enormous elephant made of colorful yarn. In the anime, Barma is light green in color and has beady blue eyes and purple tusks.

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Misaki City Final Battle Arc[edit | edit source]

Barma and Ose seeing Chiara approaching

As Denizens gather in Misaki City for the creation of Xanadu, Barma is with Ose on a railway line near the Seireiden shrine, Saishuku no Shadan. Later, they watch as Seere, Shana and Wilhelmina approach on board Chiara's jet.[1]

After Xanadu had been created, Barma meets Bel Peol, Sydonay and the Snake of the Festival at the Saishuku no Shadan, along with Haborym, Orobas, Leraje, Stolas, and Ose. The Snake of the Festival tells the group to live on in the new world and Barma flies up to Xanadu's entrance along with Haborym, Stolas, Leraje, Orobas, and Ose before being converted into Power of Existence.[2]

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Anime Appearances[edit | edit source]

Shakugan no Shana-tan[edit | edit source]

In the fifteenth episode, Barma is shown along with other Bal Masqué members in a montage during a Naze Nani Shana-tan class when Bel Peol explains that their character designs were tweaked for the third season of the anime because they were too "cute".[3]

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Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Unrestricted Spells[edit | edit source]

Rasa (羅梭 Rasa?): Barma is capable of unfastening his yarn body and reconstituting as he pleases.

Hishō (飛翔?, Flight): Barma is capable of gaining altitude through levitation attained by using Power of Existence[4], which he demonstrates by flying to Xanadu's entrance.[2]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Despite the color of Barma's flame being unknown during the time of the airing of Shakugan no Shana Final, in the anime, when Barma entered Xanadu, he was converted into a ball of blue Power of Existence. The color of his flame was later revealed as the color of seedling.
  • Barma name is derived from "Marbas"
  • Barma has the same FUNimation English voice actor as Gizo.

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  1. RGB code sourced from 若苗色 on colordic

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