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Azure (アズュール Azyūru?) is a Treasure Tool in the form of a ring. Its ability is to nullify the effects of fire, including heat, making it invulnerable to enemies whose main powers are based on flames, which is a common manifestation of a Flame Haze's power. This effect can work both ways: it can either be invoked using Power of Existence or it can respond to the intention of the wearer.


It assumes the form of a silver ring with carvings and a red diamond set into it.


It once belonged to Friagne's collection, and after his defeat, came into the possession of Yūji Sakai. It helped protect Yūji in many battles, including the Second Great War. Long ago, Lamies had put an Unrestricted Spell into it, the power to 'restore what was lost', or reverse the loss of Power of Existence. Leanan-sidhe alters the spell so that it activates when Yūji kisses Shana.[1]


  • Other translations of this Treasure Tool's name are Azul and Azur.
  • There is a maximum amount of fire that it can nullify to protect the user. This amount probably depends on the user's Power of Existence, as it once protected Yūji from the "Flame of Heaven" Alastor's manifestation when Tenpa Jōsai was invoked by Shana. Tenpa Jōsai devoured the entire unsealed Pool of Power of Existence brought forth by Bal Masqué in Misaki City, while severely damaging Seireiden as well.



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