Atalante (アタランテ Atarante?) is a Treasure Tool in the form of golden bracelet and possessed by Ukobach. When blown with an amount of the Power of Existence it creates bubbles which could detain humans inside. The humans captured by this Treasure Tool will be shrunk into a smaller size for the user's convenience. The captured humans can't move or think (they also don't need to eat), but age normally as time passes.


It is a Treasure Tool in the form of golden bracelet and it has two crystal-like decorations on it.


Atalante is used for Ukobach's ambition to search for the most perfect form for himself to manifest in this world by capturing people and locking them inside bubbles. People who are caught in this won't die or get hungry but instead age normally. It was once used to trap a man who appeared after 10 years but Ukobach found him too old, made him a Torch and threw him out. Yukio Hamaguchi, as a victim of Ukobach's plan, was trapped using this Treasure Tool to help Ukobach's ambition become reality.



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