Asiz (アシズ Ashizu?), also referred to as his title "Weaver of Coffins" (棺の織手 Hitsugi no Orite?), is a Crimson Lord mentioned by Alastor as the creator of the Unrestricted Spell City Devourer. The use of City Devourer gave the "Weaver of Coffins" a gigantic amount of Power of Existence, becoming one of the most powerful and excessive Crimson Lords of all time. He was the leader of Töten Glocke, a Denizen army led by nine powerful Crimson Lords (excluding himself) which fought against Flame Haze in the Middle Ages, later referred as the Great War. However, a large group of Flame Haze and Crimson Lords teamed up and managed to end his ambition. His true name is "Abyssal Ring" (冥奥の環 Meiō no Kan?).


ES Manga Ch 22 Asiz

Asiz in Eternal Song.

Asiz was a muscular, masked figure with feather-like hair, two horns and three pairs of wings, all of these make him look like an angel descended from heaven in the beliefs of humans. Early in Eternal Song, he was portrayed with only four wings instead of six and having a thinner physique.[1] When using his Power of Existence on Nachtigall and for the Grand Scheme, as well as during his Resummoning, he had a more flame-like appearance. Nearing the birth of the Heir to Both Worlds, a large blue crystal formed on Asiz's chest.

Asiz had a large mouth which meant his jagged teeth were always bared. He had two short horns which sprouted straight out of his mask-like face. His hair grew around his neck like a mane, as well as on his forearms, crotch, and shins. His body was muscular but humanoid, with claws from his five fingers and two toes. He possessed three sets of wings, the largest protruding from his shoulders, with the other two sets coming from his lower back.


Before the death of Tis, Asiz was devoted to the mission to protect the balance and loved humans like his contractor did. Despite his fierce appearance, Asiz speaks gently and is very caring towards what he calls his 'comrades' in the Töten Glocke.


Ancient War and BetrayalEdit

With his contracted Flame Haze, Tis, they are widely feared as one of the greatest and oldest Flame Haze. Asiz assisted Tis in destroying many Denizen's organizations during his mission as a Flame Haze. Tis was deeply in love with him, and he reciprocated these feelings. But their frightening powers led to betrayal; the very humans that they worked to protect would turn against the two. Their betrayal was ultimately followed by Tis' assassination by the human army.

ES Manga Ch 22 Asiz Saishoukan

Asiz's manifestation after Tis' death.

While losing the contract that bound him to his contracted Flame Haze's body, Asiz resummoned himself as a Crimson Lord, complete with a body, using humans around him as the source of the required Power of Existence. He used his power, Pure Coffin (清なる棺 Seinaru Hitsugi?), to seal her corpse and with it, he traveled around the world, searching for the mean to revive his beloved contractor. His consumption of humans to summon himself and his plan to revive Tis, which would require even more Power of Existence and humans, was seen as a betrayal to the duties of a Flame Haze. As a result, Azis's former Flame Haze comrades attempted to kill him. On the other hand, other Crimson Denizens, impressed by his devotion and love to Tis, began to follow the new Crimson Lord.

Birth of the ArmyEdit

Asiz, with the help of Molech as his mouthpiece and advocate, soon gathered together a group of Crimson Lords to achieve his ultimate aim, the "Grand Scheme", and the strongest nine makes up the "Nine Eternal Divine Scales", which are (as stated in the novel): Asiz as leader, Molech as chief-in charge and strategist, Merihim and Illuyanka as the "Pair of Wings", Jarri as scout, Chernobog as assassin and stealth ops leader, Ullikummi and Sokar as front line army's generals, Ninurta as middle line's commander-in-chief and Huwawa as reserved army's commander-in-chief.

They successfully made Osterode, the city in current Germany, into pure Power of Existence by City Devourer, using it as the resource for his "Grand Scheme". Also, Flame Haze Army was first established after this event.


Great WarEdit

During the final battle, Asiz put most of his Power of Existence taken from Osterode, the city he consumed by activating City Devourer, into Nachtigall to create his "child" but not so long before Mathilde Saint-Omer entered in his tower to stop him. She performed Heaven-and-Earth Sundering as a final resort and took Jarri as a sacrifice to summon Alastor into the world but he manage to interfere this by destroying the floor Mathilde was standing on. While all the hope seem lost, Leanan-sidhe, who was captured inside Nachtigall intervened with her Power of Unrestraint (widely known as "Seal" in the future) to stop all things from falling. She freed herself from the birdcage and left away, destroying all of Asiz's wish in a blink of time. Mathilde successfully managed to summon Alastor this time and Jarri perished as an essential sacrifice to call the God of Retribution. In fury, the blue angel and the summoned God clashed at each other. Eventually, after a short fierce battle, he was incinerated by Alastor's flame (The same fate as Friagne, the Crimson Lord who wished to use City Devourer to make his Rinne, Marianne, into an independent being), thus ending the Great War.



ES Manga Ch 22 Asiz fight Flame Haze

Asiz fighting against his former comrades.

Asiz was deeply in love with her as she was too. But their frightening powers led the human they protected turned against his contractor. Their betrayal were ultimately followed by Tis' assassination by human army. While losing the contract that bound him to his contracted Flame Haze's body, Asiz re-summoned himself as the Crimson Lord with body using humans around him as the source of the required Power of Existence. He used his power, Pure Coffin (清なる棺 Seinaru Hitsugi?), to seal her corpse and traveled around the world searching for the mean to revive his beloved. This act of betrayal toward the Flame Haze's path made his former comrades attempt to kill him but Crimson Denizens who were impressed by his devotion to his love followed him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Unrestricted SpellsEdit

Pure Coffin (清なる棺 Seinaru Hitsugi?): Like his contracted Flame Haze, Asiz can create a blue gem-like isolated dimension, defying cause and effect. Everything confined inside the Pure Coffin is cut from cause and effect outside, similar to the Seal, which is yet to be created. The size of the space created by Pure Coffin can also be adjustable and could be used to imprison enemies or protect himself at will. Directly after her death, Asiz materializes himself into the world and used this Power of Unrestraint to preserve her body. He used this power to kill many Flame Haze in the past during his quest to find the method. His shape of Pure Coffin is coffin-shaped unlike Tis' which is cube-shaped.

City Devourer (都喰らい Miyakokurai?): The powerful method to convert all existences from certain area (such as cities) into Power of Existence. The use of City Devourer gave the "Weaver of Coffins" a gigantic amount of Power of Existence, becoming considered to be one of the most powerful and excessive Crimson Lords of all time.




  • He is named after the Canaanite god, Asiz, who caused the sun to burn strongly. The god's name is probably the origin of the term Azazel. In Jewish mythology, Azazel is the leader of rebellious fallen angels who taught and corrupted humans; they also married women and had children. He is later punished by God and would be cast into the fire in the Day of Judgement.
  • Asiz's horns may also be a reference to Azazel, who is associated with goats.
  • He is referred by Khamsin as "The Angel of Blue Coffins" (青き棺の天使 aoki hitsugi no tenshi?), with his signature Power of Unrestraint, Pure Coffin (Seinaru Hitsugi).



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