Minack (巌楹院 (ミナック) Gan'eiin (Minakku)?, lit. "Building of Rock Pillars") was a mighty army of Crimson Denizens ruled by "Melodic Pedestal" Gogmagog. They were one of the most powerful Denizen organizations who participated in the Sovereign's Game during the Middle Ages.[1] Their sphere of influence was mainly Northern France.


ES Manga Ch 01 quadrupedal Denizens

The quadrupedal Denizens being ridden into battle.

The large number of soldiers in Minack mainly used human weapons such as axes, swords, shields, spears, hammers, bows and halberds, and some of them wore armor. The Denizens were mostly humanoid, but a herd of quadrupedal Denizens were also present, allowing the humanoids to ride them into battle. Some Denizens could also fly.

ES Manga Ch 01 Denizen spears Mathilde

Two Denizens attacking Mathilde.

Gogmagog lead the army through fear, and thus the army was quite desperate and could recover quickly from initial attacks. The army was regarded as elite soldiers and dominated Northern France, but they were easily repelled by "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter" Mathilde Saint-Omer and "Manipulator of Objects" Wilhelmina Carmel without hurting them at all.


Before the Great War, they were destroyed by Mathilde and Wilhelmina. Just before their demise, they had been contacted by Bal Masqué and agreed to join them in an effort to surround the Flame Haze Army with Players' armies.


  • Minack's name could be derived from the Minack Theatre, an open-air theatre in Cornwall, England. The theatre was referenced in the design of Gogmagog's theatre in his stronghold.
  • "Minack" means "stony/rocky place" in Cornish.[2]



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