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Altima (stylized as ALTIMA) is a three-member Japanese musical group that formed in 2011 and is signed to Warner Home Video. The group consists of Maon Kurosaki as the main vocalist, m.o.v.e's Mototaka Segawa as the rapper, and fripSide's Satoshi Yaginuma as the composer and producer. Altima's released their debut single "I'll Believe" in December 2011, which is used as the first ending theme to the anime Shakugan no Shana Final.


  • Maon: Maon Kurosaki (黒崎 真音 Kurosaki Maon?) (lyrics, vocals)
  • Motsu: Mototaka Segawa (瀬川 素公 Segawa Mototaka?) (rap lyrics, rap vocals)
  • Sat: Satoshi Yaginuma (八木沼 悟志 Yaginuma Satoshi?) (composition)


After initially becoming interested in the music of the trance and pop duo fripSide], Mototaka Segawa of the band m.o.v.e approached fripSide's Satoshi Yaginuma at the Animelo Summer Live concert in August 2010 wanting to collaborate with him. Around the same time, Segawa took notice of Maon Kurosaki, who at the time had just released her debut album H.O.T.D. under Geneon in September 2010. Segawa contacted Kurosaki through Yaginuma, because fripSide is also under Geneon. When Yaginuma received the request to create an ending theme for the 2011 TV anime Shakugan no Shana Final, he thought this was the perfect chance to collaborate with Segawa and Kurosaki. At the 2011 Animelo Summer Live concert on August 28, Altima officially announced their formation and performed their debut single "I'll Believe" as secret guest performers. The single for "I'll Believe" was released on December 7, 2011 and is used as the first ending theme to Shakugan no Shana Final. Altima's second single "One" was released on February 29, 2012 and is used as the second ending theme to Shakugan no Shana Final.



Year Album details Peak Oricon
chart positions
2014 Tryangle
  • Released: March 26, 2014
  • Label: Warner Home Video (1000477756, 1000478010)
  • Format: CD


Year Song Peak Oricon
chart positions
2011 "I'll Believe" 20 Tryangle
2012 "One" 27
"Burst the Gravity" 22
2014 "Fight 4 Real" 26

Music videosEdit

Year Song Director
2011 "I'll Believe"
2012 "One"
"Burst the Gravity"
2014 "Fight 4 Real"

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